Surely It’s Perley in Winged Super Bud Select 55

Brown Tops SBS Time Trials, Cumens Wins ATQMRA Main

By – Chris Porter
Photos – Jim Feeney

Kicking off 2011’s Classic Weekend, Chris Perley pocketed his seventh winged supermodified feature win at the Oswego Speedway on Friday night, his second at the lakeside oval this season. The Rowley, Mass. native and multi-time International Super Modified Association (ISMA) series champion completely dominated the 55-lap feature event in his Vic Miller-owned No. 11. Perley took the checkered flag with just under half a lap’s lead on second-place finisher, Tim Ice.

Chris Perley poses in victory lane after winning the Bud Select 55

Perley’s win was never in doubt. Following his involvement in an early race snafu with then, fourth-place running Bobby Dawson, on the ninth lap, Perley reluctantly went to the rear of the field. Even then, the question wasn’t whether or not he would get to the front, it was how quickly it would be done. Once put at the rear of the field, he would begin a 13-lap annihilation of his fellow competitors. By the 22nd lap, Perley had caught the race leader. Taking four laps to measure up Ice’s No. 77, Perley launched his way around Ice and seemingly into another zip code. By 39th lap, he commanded a full straightaway advantage on the No. 77.

“Tonight, the car was so good that I had to just aim it,” Perley said. “I just had to not hit stuff, it was a bullet. It was a great car. It was one of the best one’s we’ve had in years. I know we’ve won races here, but it was a great car. It was a blast, a fun night.”

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Joey Scanlon and Ice led the field to the green to begin the 55-lap winged open-invitational. Ice snagged the top spot early, leading Johnny Benson, Jr., Joey Scanlon, Dawson and Paul White across the line to complete the maiden lap.

The top five spread apart as Perley made his way up through the field from the 10th starting position. Perley bested White on the outside between turns three and four to bust into the top five on just the fifth lap. Moving in on Dawson for fourth, Dawson’s No. 28 slowed dramatically as it headed into turn No. 3. Perley tagged its rear-end, sending both into a spin.

Neither car suffered any damage as both were sent to the rear of the field for bringing out the caution flag. With mechanical problems of his own prior to the spin, Dawson took his No. 28 nose-first into his pit. Perley stopped at the flagger’s stand to plead his case, saying Dawson was the cause of the accident and that he spun to avoid the No. 28. He wanted his position back, but race officials disagreed. The No. 11 was sent to tail.

Mark Sammut (78) and Ted Christopher (61) fall victim to the high flying No. 11 of Chris Perley. Sammut would finish 8th, with Christopher doing one better in 7th.

With eight laps in the books, Ice led Benson, Scanlon, White and Ted Christopher. Mark Sammut, Ray Graham, Jr., Shaun Gosselin, Tim Jederzjek  and Mike Lichty completed the top 10.

Ice had no problems on the restart, as Graham’s No. 90 flew into third, besting Sammut, Christopher and White all on the same lap. Behind them, Perley was already making quick work en route to his return to the front.

Green flag racing was short-lived, as the caution flag flew for debris in turn No. 4 on the 14th lap. Perley cruised under the caution flag in seventh place.

Chris Perley (11) sizes up Tim Ice (77) halfway into the feature event

At the drop of the green, Graham zipped past Benson on the outside for second. Just behind them, Perley was flying into fifth.

While Graham worked on Ice for the race lead, Perley’s march continued. Again, the high side was used on the 15th lap. This time, Scanlon fell to Perley, giving up fourth. Two laps later, Benson watched as Perley’s No. 11 walked past his No. 74 and into third.

Perley’s lone hiccup came on the 20th lap, when Graham denied the No. 11 second place after Perley stuck his nose on his No. 90′s high side. The same thing would happen on the 21st lap, but on lap No. 22, Perley shot past Graham for the runner-up spot.

Moments after the passs, Graham’s No. 90 slowed and pitted with overheating problems. Benson’s No. 74 had ducked into the infield half a lap earlier.

Ice and Perley held a full straightaway on their chasers. Perley’s first chance at the lead took place on the 24th lap. An outside look proved fruitless on Ice’s No. 77. However, two trips later, a sling-shot move off of turn No. 4 resulted in Perley’s No. 11 moving under the Ice machine. Once again, Ice would be denied victory in the Port City. It would end up being his third second-place finish in his last four winged Oswego starts.

Immediately, Perley began to pull away. With a full stretch lead, Perley moved in on moderate lapped traffic on the 40th lap. Picking off stragglers one-by-one, Perley played the final dozen laps in “safe mode.” With plenty of room to spare behind him, he was reluctant to dive into the thick of the traffic.

Winged super top three, Perley (center), Ice (right) and Scanlon (left) pose at the victory podium

Ice wasn’t able to close the gap, but finished second with plenty of room to spare of his own over third-place finisher, Scanlon. It was Scanlon’s best run at Oswego.

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Lichty crossed the line in fourth, with Texas invader, White, driving the Steve Miller-owned No. 16 home in fifth. It was White’s best finish at Oswego.

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Small Block Supermodified (SBS) drivers took their time trials on Friday night. With the top eight drivers qualifying for a redraw for their SBS Classic starting spot on top of receiving a bye in Saturday’s qualifiers, it was division veteran, Russ Brown, leading the way with the night’s fastest lap. It was Brown’s first appearance of the season, and piloting the Brian Sobus-owned No. 79, it appeared Brown hadn’t lost his touch. Brown drew starting spot No. 3.

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After a bone-jarring accident last Saturday night, Fulton’s Jack Patrick put in a long week in the garage piecing his Dodge-powered No. 9 back together. A trip to chassis builder Ray Hedger resulted in a new rear clip being slapped on his small block supermodified, as well as major repairs to the front. The work seemed to pay off, however. Patrick drew starting spot No. 8, but was happy that the car seems to be back where it was prior to last weekend’s wreck.

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Newly crowned 2011 SBS track champ, Mike Bond, stopped the watches third fastest. Bond says it’s a long race and he’s just as happy starting in row No. 2. Not a fan of the two-segment change made to the 100-lap event, Bond said he’s just going to run it like any other race.

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Jason Simmons has had a roller coaster of a season. He nearly graced victory lane numerous times, often ending a run atop the field with a “DNF” come race’s end. Simmons landed his No. 98 in fourth in the time-trial rundown Friday evening. He’s happy he won’t need to risk consi action or having to drive up through the thick of the field, but also knows working on his consistency will play a crucial role in where his No. 98 sits in the final rundown after Saturday’s 100-lapper.

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ATQMRA Feature Winner, Alison Cumens

Alison Cumens won the 25-lap American Three Quarter Midget Racing Association (ATQMRA) feature event. The Lindell, Pa. native took the lead away on a sling-shot move heading into turn No. 1 on the ninth lap. Cumens was never challenged again, coasting to the win with a half-lap margin of victory over second-place finisher, Robin Johnston. Matt Janisch filled out the podium. Piloting the No. 39 car, Cumens became only the second woman to ever win a feature event at the Oswego Speedway. Star Matteson won an SBS feature back in 2002.

Bud Select Winged Super 55: 1. Chris Perley (11), 2. Tim Ice (77), 3. Joey Scanlon (88), 4. Mike Lichty (84), 5. Paul White (16), 6. Tim Jedrzejek (32), 7. Ted Christopher (61), 8. Mark Sammut (78), 9. Charlie Schultz (7), 10. Craig Rayvals (04), 11. Shaun Gosselin (26), 12. Brandon Bellinger (02), 13. Ray Graham, Jr. (90), 14. Johnny Benson (74), 15. Bobby Dawson (28), 16. Bobby Haynes, Jr. (44), 17. D.J. Shullick (49) DNS – Jamie Timmons (27), Trent Stephens (19)

Heat #1: 1. Benson (74), 2. Graham (90), 3. Gosselin (26), 4. Jedrzejek (32), 5. Christopher (61), 6. Dawson (28), 7. Rayvals (04), 8. Timmons (27), DNS – 9. Bellinger (02)
*Timmons damaged his No. 27 after tagging the third-turn wall.

Heat #2: 1. White (16), 2. Perley (11), 3. Sammut (78), 4. Ice (77), 5. Scanlon (88), 6. Haynes (44), 7. Lichty (84), 8. Schultz (7), 9. Shullick (49)
*Schultz and Shullick tangled at the drop of the green. Both cars suffered damage.

*Trent Stephens walloped the first-turn wall, rear-end first, earlier in the day during practice. Stephens was OK, but his No. 19 suffered day-ending damage.

SBS Time Trials: – 1. Russ Brown (79) 19.415, 2. Jack Patrick (9) 19.541, 3. Mike Bond (26) 19.601, 4. Jason Simmons (98) 19.604, 5. Andrew Schartner (18) 19.608, 6. Kreig Heroth (44) 19.694, . Mark Castiglia (90) 19.773, 8. David Cliff (06) 19.804, 9. David LaTulip (27), 10. Rob Pullen (2), 11. Mike Bruce (22), 12. J.J. Andrews (93), 13. Cameron Rowe (77), 14. Tim Barbeau (50), 15. Bryan Haynes (37), 16. Lou LeVea, Jr. (95), 17. Shawn Muldoon (80), 18. Barry Kingsley (23), 19. Brian Osetek (00), 20. A.J. Bernys (24), 21. Kevin Jackson (65), 22. Stan Gates (91), 23. Brad Haynes (86), 24. Dalton Doyle (1), 25. George Knight, Jr. (12), 26. Steven Hutchinson (25), 27. Dennis Rupert (99)