Susan Nalle Concludes Career with OCO Health Services

Written by: John DeRousie, Custom Marketing Solutions
FULTON, NY – For the past 26 years, Susan Nalle, NP has provided medical for care patients of Oswego County Opportunities Health Services.

Susan Nalle
Susan Nalle

A member of the Nurse Practitioners Association of New York State, Nalle was named OCO’s employee of the year in 1992 and received the agency’s coveted ‘Amelia Whelahan Leadership Award’ for outstanding contributions to OCO and the Human Services profession in 1997.

On March 30 her extensive career as a health professional came to a close when she retired from OCO.

Nalle, a graduate of SUNY Upstate College of Nursing, previously worked at Oswego Hospital and Harwood Nursing Home before joining OCO’s health staff in 1986.  A couple years after joining OCO, Nalle had the opportunity to go back to school to become a Nurse Practitioner.

“When Frank Meyer, M.D. asked me to attend the Nurse Practitioner program at Community General Hospital it was an unexpected delight. I became a nurse because I enjoy helping people with an emphasis on wellness and health. As an RN I liked the interaction with the patients. As a Nurse Practitioner I was able to offer a different level of care, one that is more wellness focused rather than emergency care.  I had the authority to diagnose and treat patients while collaborating with a physician,” explained Nalle.

Over the years Nalle has worked at OCO’s Health Centers in Fulton and Oswego, as well as OCO’s satellite sites in Mexico, Pulaski, and the Walker Health Center at SUNY Oswego. She has seen numerous changes in services, advances in technology, and the expansion of the medical staff, but through it all OCO’s mission of providing quality health care for its patients never wavered.

“We fill a need in Oswego County by offering affordable health care and health education to those who have no health insurance or are under insured. OCO’s health care has been, and always will be, patient focused. Ellen Holst, senior director of OCO Health and Nutrition Services, and our administration are visionaries that ensure that they and the OCO’s health care staff stays abreast of the latest technology and advances in health care,” said Nalle. “They have recently established a new electronic medical records system and are constantly keeping up with changes in women’s health, advances in birth control methods and HIV testing. Additionally, our health centers work closely with the Healthy Women’s Partnership to provide access to mammograms and pap smears, and education on emergency contraception.”

Nalle said that her years at OCO provided her with a very rewarding career and many fond memories.

“I’ve truly enjoyed with at OCO.  I have always been a proponent of over-all wellness.  Educating patients on healthy lifestyle choices and the importance of prevention is one of the cornerstones of what we do at OCO’s Health Centers. The culture at our Health Centers also allows us to work at different pace so that we may better interact with our patients and have more quality time with them,” said Nalle.

Reflecting on her time at OCO, Nalle added that the professionalism of her co-workers and their concern for their patients was always inspiring.

“We are like a family.  Everyone is very supportive and caring. It has been a great experience. I enjoy working the population we serve and I love working with the college population that we serve at the Walker Health Center; it’s always interesting and they have taught me a lot over the years,” said Nalle.

As for the future, Nalle added that while she will enjoy spending time with her husband, Ted, and their two grown children, David and Katherine, she has no plans to stop being active in the community.

“I am looking forward to continuing to help others by volunteering through my church, Grace Lutheran, and other community organizations,” said Nalle.

OCO operates two primary health centers in Oswego County; 10 George St., Oswego and 522 S. Fourth St., Fulton.

Each health center provides quality, affordable, comprehensive health services in a sensitive and caring manner.

Services offered include: Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Adult Medicine, Migrant Health Care, Women’s Health, Health Education, Free Cancer Screening Services, Assistance with Health Insurance, and on-site X-ray and Lab Services.

One of Oswego County’s largest employers, OCO provides more than 50 human service programs that touch the lives of more than 30,000 county residents each year.

OCO’s mission is to build partnerships that improve the quality of life and create successful communities.

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