Suspect Who Burned Victim During Domestic Dispute headed to Prison

OSWEGO, NY – A Watertown man is headed to state prison after accepting a plea deal on Monday.

Late last month, Matthew D. Roof attempted to set someone on fire during a domestic dispute.

Matthew D. Roof
Matthew Roof

Roof, 34, of 26279 Middle Road, Watertown, was arrested for first-degree assault, degree, a class B felony.

The charge stems from the investigation into a domestic dispute that occurred in the town of Hastings.

Roof threw rubbing alcohol and vodka on the victim then proceeded to light them on fire.

Chief assistant district attorney Mark Moody said the plea deal – for a straight six-year sentence – involved a handful of charges.

Roof pleaded guilty to second-degree assault for hitting a boy with a piece of plastic piping, and to endangering the welfare of a child after police say Roof sat on a couch naked next to a girl when she was naked as well.

Both children are less than 17 years old.

There are orders of protection for both children and the fire victim.

Moody said, “This plea deal also satisfies a criminal contempt charge of bribing a witness in a charge involving his stepdaughter, as well as the attempted assault first charge for trying to set someone on fire with rubbing alcohol.”

“This avoids a trial where the children would have to testify. It puts Roof in prison until the children are adults and it protects the burn victim from any further violence,” the prosecutor continued.