Synthetic Drug Bill on Assembly Health Committee Agenda

Letter to the Editor:
The Synthetic Drug Bill is on the Assembly Health Committee’s agenda.

URGENT Call to Action.

The Proposed Legislative Bill A.6971 regarding Synthetic Drugs will be voted on in the Health Committee in Albany next week.

Your phone calls and email letters are urgently needed this weekend and Monday morning.

The proposed legislation amends §3302 of the Public Health Law, §220.00 of the Penal Code, and §399-ff of the General Business Law.

Here’s What to Do and How: Please contact all the Members of the NYS Assembly Health Committee by Phone and/or Email. The names and email addresses are provided online along with sample wording (

Please help me save lives and move this important bill through the first committee this week.

Teresa Woolson,
President, VOW Foundation, 1019 Co. Rt. 29, Oswego, NY 13126
[email protected]