Synthetics On Gov. Cuomo’s Radar

A Statement by Will Barclay
“I am pleased the governor has decided to update the list of banned synthetic substances in New York State.

Our communities have been flooded with new, dangerous analogues of synthetic marijuana since 2012, the last time the list was updated.

This is a good start, and an encouraging sign that the administration understands that this is an evolving problem for law enforcement and health care professionals.

The fact remains that we need to do much more.

If we want to get synthetics off of our streets, we need harsher criminal penalties to levy against traffickers.

Anyone who read the recent New York Times Magazine feature on the synthetics epidemic in Syracuse will tell you that these dealers are tearing at the fabric of our communities with the same brutality as those who sell heroin or cocaine.

The punishment for selling synthetics should fit the crime.

I will continue to push for legislation that achieves that end.”

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  1. Could we please stop calling these products “synthetic Marijuana” and call them what they are which is “designer poison”. These drugs act nothing like marijuana and should not be compared to it.

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