Tacky Sweater Contest Held At Leighton School

OSWEGO, NY – Students were in the holiday spirit at Leighton Elementary School for their “Tacky Sweater Contest” held prior to Christmas break.

The contest winners included three boys and three girls.

Tacky Sweater Contest winners
Tacky Sweater Contest winners

Principal Larry Schmiegel awarded first place winners with a $10 gift card to McDonalds; each second place winner $5 and each third place winner $2.50.

In addition, the student winners selected two Leighton School staff winners.

According to Schmiegel, the voting was close but Jessica Leonard was selected as the first place winner for her creativity and Jamie Turtura won second place for her “holiday tree” which highlighted each of her students as an ornament.

With Principal Schmiegel are the winners of the contest from left: Owen Baldwin, Garrett “Carter” Turtura, Kyle Familo, Emily Eastman, Brooklyn Saternow and Linsey Lawton.