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October 20, 2018



Child Protection Advisory Council Holds Community Meetings

Several members of the Child Protection Advisory Council accept a proclamation designating April as Child Abuse Prevention Month in Oswego County. From left are Melissa Baker, Jeff Grimshaw, Geri Geitner, Kathleen Fenlon, Frances Lanigan, Dr. Marshall Marshall, Karrie Damm, Greg Heffner, Rev. John Canorro, and Dr. Dennis Mullaney.

The Oswego County Child Protection Advisory Council will host two more community forums to provide opportunities for citizens to share their views and develop ideas for preventing child abuse in the county.  The council has adopted the motto, “Our Children, Our County, Our Future – Our Responsibility.”

Water Worries Go Down the Drain


Wednesday afternoon, the city of Fulton received notice that its second day of water samples all came back negative for E. coli bacteria. Meeting the health department’s requirements for two consecutive testing days with clean samples, the city lifted the boil water advisory that had been in place since Saturday. With proof that the water is safe, Fulton officials say they are happy to get back to a normal routine.