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October 18, 2018



Bion Issues Progress Report On Kreider Waste Treatment Installation

Bion Environmental Technologies is pleased to announce that its Kreider Dairy Farm waste treatment installation is finishing construction and nearing operational startup. Bion has consistently recommended that third party data from the operation of this large-scale installation be a prerequisite for regulatory and public review of its proposed project in Oswego County. It would locate a 72,000-head cattle project somewhere in the county.

Bion Announces Bioreactor Startup and Update

Bion Environmental Technologies announced that it has initiated the flow of waste into the Bioreactor at its livestock waste treatment facility currently under construction at the Kreider Dairy Farm in Manheim, Pa.

Not Really Fighting for their Homes: Bion response to a Posting by the Citizens for Family Farms: 08-28-2010

No doubt Ms. Hall and the CFF believe that they are fighting for their homes based on the examples they cite. Unfortunately those examples simply do not represent Bion’s project nor do they reflect the substantial safeguards that Bion’s proven waste treatment technology and professional operating protocols provide.

BION Technologies Responds to Comments

Oswego County Legislature Chairman Barry Leemann said recently that the project is likely years away and that if it moves ahead, the number of cattle could be limited:  “We may say they can only have 15,000 cows,” he said. The project would not be economically feasible at 15,000 cows and therefore could not be located in Oswego County.  To place such a limit on the project would effectively prevent the project from occurring.

Bion Announces Ed Schafer Joins Team

Bion Environmental Technologies announced on Aug. 16 that Ed Schafer, former Governor of North Dakota and former Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, has agreed to join Bion’s management team through the end of 2013.

Bion Responds to Article

In response to Ryan Mordan’s article, “Audience Skeptical of Proposed Bion Ethanol-From-Cattle Project” (Wednesday, July 14, 2010), we would like to highlight some benefits to the Bion project that have been overlooked.

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