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October 22, 2018



Bion Responds to Article

In response to Ryan Mordan’s article, “Audience Skeptical of Proposed Bion Ethanol-From-Cattle Project” (Wednesday, July 14, 2010), we would like to highlight some benefits to the Bion project that have been overlooked.

Unemployment Drops in Oswego County in April

Unemployment in Oswego County took a big step back from the cliff in April.  The jobless rate dropped from 10.7% in March to 9.1% in April.  A state analyst said the improvement is good news but doesn’t mean the state has recovered from its recession.

Unemployment Rate Drops A Bit in Oswego County

Unemployment pulled back in March in Oswego County from near-historic highs, but not because more people found jobs.

Data from the state Labor Department shows the unemployment rate in Oswego County in March was 10.8%.  That’s down from 11.5% in February but is a few tenths of a point higher than the jobless rate of a year ago.

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