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October 20, 2018



Doheny Rallies Troops in Fulton on Eve of Primary

A day after Doug Hoffman came to Fulton, fellow Republican Congressional hopeful Matt Doheny did the same.  The Alexandria Bay investment banker disputed Hoffman’s claims of a 30 point lead, based on an internal poll, and on calls he says his campaign is making to Republican voters.

Owens To Join Armed Services, Homeland Security Committees; Hoffman Alleges ACORN Tampered With Votes In Oswego County

<p> </p>Freshman Congressman Bill Owens will have a seat at the table that decides major issues such as military policy and national security. Meantime, the opponent who conceded defeat on election night now takes it all back, alleges ACORN tried to steal the election, and wants supporters to send him money for the fight.

Hoffman: I’m ‘Unconceding’

<p>Doug Hoffman.</p>Doug Hoffman takes it back.

With the margin of votes between him and Democratic candidate for Congress Bill Owens shrinking, he told conservative radio and TV talk host Glenn Beck Monday that “if I knew this information at the election night, I would not have conceded.”

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