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Fulton Daily News

New State Budget Proposal Due Today; Deep Cuts Likely

Governor Paterson holds a news conference folllowing a special session on Race to the Top legislation. Photo provided by the Governor's office.UPDATE, 11AM: The first numbers are out and they are not good news for local governments and school districts.

The Governor’s budget proposes to cut municipal aid to every village, town and city in Oswego County by 5%.  The cut to the city of Fulton would eliminate more than $88,000, while the cut to the city of Oswego would take away more than $133,000.

School aid would also be cut by 5%, though there is no breakout by individual districts to indicate whether the cut is across-the-board or whether some districts will take steeper cuts than others. […]

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Oswego Daily News

Oswego School District Copes With State Aid Reduction

The governor announced Sunday that, because the state has run out of money, he is withholding $750 million in payments to school districts and others. Due to good planning, the Oswego district isn’t faced with any dire consequences at this time, the superintendent said. There is a great concern over the uncertainty of whether the withholding of the aid is permanent, he added. […]