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October 18, 2018



Enter To Win Oswego County Fishing, Hunting Guide Photo Contest

Winning pictures will be featured in the new Oswego County Fishing and Hunting Guide, which is due out later this year. The contest is open to residents and non-residents, as long as the photos are taken in Oswego County. Each person can submit up to five color photos; either vertical or horizontal. Only digital photos will be accepted.

Scene Around Town: Bike Ride Begins In Oswego

You might have seen a whole bunch of bike riders in Oswego on Sunday and wondered what was going on.

The riders were in Oswego to begin the annual “Ride For Runaways”, put on by Anchor House of Trenton, New Jersey.  The agency’s website doesn’t explain why Oswego serves as the beginning of their rundraising ride, but we’re guessing it’s because Oswego to Trendon is about 500 miles.  A nice, round number.

A rider named Tim Quinn shared these photos through the Twitter photo service Twitpic.  The photo comes from this page.  Learn more about the ride here.

Scene Around Town: Field Of Flags

Steven J. Tryon of Central Square posted some pictures and a video (made with his iPhone) of a visit to a field in Adams, Jefferson County that was full of American flags for the 4th of July.  Steven posts lots of his stuff on his website, which is worth a regular visit.

Got a great local photo or video? Send it to us and let us show everyone.