Taxpayers, this is your Government

On Thursday evening April 11, 2013, at 9 p.m. the taxpayers’ vote for county treasurer was stymied by an imbedded Republican Legislature that is self-serving and out of touch with the lawful republic that our government was based on, a government for the people, by the people. Incumbent legislators that presently own their own business would not have hired Fred Beardsley to work for them. Those legislators that work for public, non-profit corporations, school districts or large companies, don’t care, they are in the habit of wasting money, and all they want is more power to place key people into positions, which enhance their ability to get re-elected, receive financial perks and advance socially. Then there are the Legislators that want to progress up the ladder of success just like Beardsley. They want the same as the others but they are also new and fearful of their job, they also want to get re-elected and keep building political favor. These politicians don’t serve the taxpayer, they woo, please and give the taxpayer free perks through slight of hand. The politicians take your money and give it back to you through jobs and social programs, after extracting their 30% share. The taxpayer is dumb enough to re-elect this political gigolo!
Seven legislators voted for the taxpayer and against Beardsley, Republican Margaret Kastler, Shawn Doyle, Democrats Mike Kunzweiler, Doug Malone, Amy Tresidder, Dan Farfaglia, and Jacob Mulcahey voted no. Republican Karasak abstained because he was running for the treasurer position.
These current legislators are not doing the people’s business.
Fourteen Republican legislators voted for installing Beardsley. Is the legislator that represents you in this group? Republicans John Martino, Jack Proud, Dan LeClair, Robert Hayes, Linda Lockwood, Jack Brandt, Kevin Gardner, James Oldenburg, Shane Broadwell, Daniel Chalifoux, Terry Wilbur, Morris Sorbello, and Louella LeClair.

Beardsley was not present at the meeting to answer any questions. The total legislature was not allowed to question Mr. Beardsley.
Questions that were asked and that could not be answered by any one of the above voting for Mr. Beardsley were:
What is the candidate’s education, did Beardsley graduate from high school?
Mr. Beardsley sold material to the town of Hastings. The New York State Comptroller reviewed Hastings town records for years 1993 and 1994 and found the town supervisor Mr. Beardsley had a prohibited interest in a contract with the town of Hastings. The town had purchased $6,728 in merchandise from Mr. Beardsley’s hardware store.
The comptroller also found in April 1998 to March 1999 a prohibited interest in certain contracts with the town for $18,464.28 in purchases at Beardsley’s Hardware Store. The result being all accounts were closed except for the emergency highway account and it being capped at $600 per year as long as Beardsley remained in office. The town was prohibited from purchasing merchandise from the Beardsley hardware store. Before resigning Mr. Beardsley escaped out of town for many months and he still accepted his pay check for town supervisor before he finally resigned his position.
There were questions about bonding Mr. Beardsley as county treasurer that could not be answered. Can Beardsley be bonded?
There are questions on bankruptcy that could not and were not answered.
When Mr. Beardsley left the chairmanship of the County Republican committee in 2011 the funds were severely depleted thousands of dollars were gone.
There was no reason to fill the county treasurer’s position for a period of 7 months.
Legislator Margaret Kastler stood and told the legislature that she had spoken to the deputy treasurer and Mr. Mark See many months previous to the Thursday meeting about handling the office of treasury until the November 2013 elections when a new treasurer could be elected by the people and the deputy treasurer and Mr. See said there was no problem accepting that responsibility.
Santa Clause is a nice guy. Would you as a voter put Santa Clause in office and operating your cash register if he had these credentials and this background?
This community has got to wake up and pay attention. Call your legislator. You cannot allow other people to vote for you. These people are short circuiting our government process and they are cutting the voter – taxpayer out of fair representation. This has to stop. Do yourself a favor investigate your representative before you vote in November?
Cheryl Holmes
Fulton, NY 3069