Taxpayers Vs Special Interest Groups

To The Editor:
No surprise here as who you should put your money on. That’s right double down on Special Interest Groups.

This was proven on Thursday April 12, at the monthly Oswego County Legislative meeting.

A resolution asking for the use of ATVs on County Route 26 in Parish was presented for approval.

First up was a public hearing on the resolution.

Speaking at the public hearing was a taxpayer and concerned resident of County Route 26 along with the town supervisor of Parish.

Also, a taxpayer sent in a statement of her concern against the resolution.

They both spoke against this resolution on the grounds of safety, annoyance and quality of life, in a densely populated area.

Fifty-four residents is the number they kept bringing forward in a five-mile stretch and many of them live less than 100 feet from the road.

One thing they failed to bring forth was that County Route 26 has a speed limit of 55 mph (most people go 60 or better in a 55 mph) and top speed allowed by an ATV is 25 mph (I believe).

What do you think is going to happen when at night a car traveling 60 mph comes up on an ATV doing 25 mph?

Also speaking was the president of the ATV club that had asked for this variance of use, requesting on the grounds that it completed the stretch of trails leading to the Grist Mill Restaurant.

Stating the only other trail lead them to a creek that was too wide to cross.

That creek is the north branch of Salmon River, I believe.

I know they could have asked for a grant to build a bridge to cross the creek.

Keeping them off the main highway and out of harm’s way and leaving the residents to the peace and quiet they deserve.

ATV stands for All Terrain Vehicle – for use off road.

Off road, not on the road. Route 26 is a paved highway.

I spoke against this resolution and a member of my caucus asked a question about the liability of the county if this resolution passed.

We both voted against this resolution along with one more member of our caucus.

The resolution passed 21 to 3.

The legislators that represent those taxpayers voted for the resolution. (Sad).

No longer is it: Government by the people and for the people.

It is: money and special interest groups talk and government obeys.

Legislator Frank Castiglia Jr.