Tea Party Chair on Hoffman: ‘Ice Cube’s Chance in Hell of Winning’

Doug Hoffman
Doug Hoffman

If Doug Hoffman wins the three-way battle for Congress from the North Country, he’ll be able to say he did it all himself.

His most important supporters, the Upstate NY Tea Party, abandoned him this weekend.

Mark Barie, the chairman of the conservative political group, told members in a letter posted on the organization’s website that Hoffman’s decision to run as a Conservative Party member “will only serve to reduce our chances for electing a fiscal conservative in November.”

He continued, “I’m going to tell you what you may not WANT to hear, but what you HAVE to hear. Doug Hoffman doesn’t have an ice cube’s chance in hell of winning this election. A vote for him is a vote for Bill Owens.”

Owens is the Democrat who won the seat in Congress in a nationally-watched three-way battle with Owens and Assemblywoman and Republican nominee Dede Scozzafava. Hoffman came very close to beating Owens, who became the first Democrat to represent Oswego County and the North Country in half a century.

Barie offered tepid praise for Republican Matt Doheny, who beat Hoffman in the party’s primary this month.

“Now perhaps you don’t like Matt Doheny. You think he talks too fast or comes across as arrogant and brash. You don’t know him and therefore you don’t trust him. I understand that and I wish it were different,” he wrote.

But Barie urged Tea Party members to take Doheny at his word and vote for him. During their debates, Hoffman said many times that he and Doheny had the same views.

If Owens wins and Democrats retain control of Congress, Barie said, “life as we know it will have all but disappeared.”

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  1. The majority of Doug’s supporters are still with him. It is Mark Barie, who is looking to the future and his own politcal aspirations, who has abandonded him.
    He is being influenced by the Republican Party and County Chairman who sit on his Steering Committee.

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