‘Tea Party’ Republican To Run For Governor

Warren Redlich
Warren Redlich

Albany-area lawyer Warren Redlich will run for Governor of New York this year, seeking both the Libertarian and Republican endorsements.

Redlich becomes the first challenger to Rick Lazio, the Long Island Republican who is gathering support for his party’s nomination.

Redlich, a member of the town board of the town of Guilderland, said he would cut state spending not by cutting money for education but by cutting what he considers wasteful programs and by capping what state employees can earn.

In a statement announcing his candidacy, he said, “Albany insiders are willing to lay off teachers, freeze pay for rank-and-file employees, and increase taxes. We’ll save more now, and much more later, by ending abuses at the top.”

He’s hoping to attract the support of so-called ‘Tea Party’ conservatives, such as the people who powered Doug Hoffman’s third-party campaign for Congress last year in the North Country.

Redlich, on his personal blog, called the state’s DWI/DUI laws too strict and calls the war on drugs “a great societal wrong.”  He said the drug issue is what convinced him to get involved in politics from a Libertarian point of view.  Libertarians believe in maximum personal freedom and minimum government and regulation.  Some argue for the complete elimination of government.  The 2008 Presidential candidate Ron Paul espoused primarily Libertarian views.

His campaign Facebook page says his run for Governor “is an attempt to start some buzz and encourage Warren to give it a try. If he gets the GOP nomination it would be a victory for liberty oriented people everywhere. If he runs as a Libertarian, (it’s) a chance to get 50,000 votes and start a new independent (party)…”

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