Ten Departments Respond to Fire In Phoenix

By Mikayla Kemp

PHOENIX – At 3:15 p.m. today (May 3), Phoenix Fire Department received call of a fire at 9489 Oswego Road.

“Ten departments responded as well as Air One with water drops,” said Phoenix Fire Chief, John McDonald.

The fire was an outside fire and covered “about 3-4 acres of land,” said McDonald.

A great deal of black smoke was emerging from the fire.

McDonald said, “The black smoke that was seen was from a tire dump on the property.”

The Phoenix Fire Department was back in service at 7:18 p.m.

The duration of time to put out the fire was lengthy due to wind changing the direction of the fire.

“It wouldn’t have taken so long if not for the wind. The fire would be going one way and then the wind would change. It would be going from the burned area to the unburned area,” said McDonald.

McDonald added that there is a no burn ban in place until May 16.

However, the homeowner was reportedly burning leaves in their yard when the fire got out of control.

There were no people involved or injured in the fire.