Test Scores Improve In Hannibal, With One Exception

Hannibal school officials say the district is making solid progress in getting students up to state standards on high school exams.

High school principal Brian Schmitt said the high school hit state benchmarks in the English language arts test and improved overall.

87% of Hannibal students passed the history regents exam, 70% passed the Math B exam and 93 passed the Algebra exam – all matching or close to the scores seen in the region.  96% passed the Lving Environment test, 81% passed Chemistry, and 100% passed the Spanish or French exams.

There is one trouble spot, however. Only 57% of Hannibal students passed the Global History exam, compared to 85% of students throughout the region — a gap of 28 points.

“What’s going on here?” asked board of education member Matt Henderson.

“That’s a good question,” said Schmitt.

Schmitt said analysis was underway, student by student, teacher by teacher and question by question, to see if there’s a common problem.

He said that the writing component of exams continues to be a problem area.  The high school is setting up a writing lab, he said, to begin to address the issue.

“I know our teachers are working hard to make things that happened 200 years ago relevant today,” he said.