Test Your Hunter Arms Trivia Knowledge

Provided by the John Wells Pratt House Museum:
FULTON, NY – Here is a little trivia Q&A to get you up to speed on the Hunter Arms Homecoming event on August 23-24 at the John Wells Pratt House Museum.

Q. What is an anti-side lock?
A. If you said how your aunt locked her side door, you would be wrong. It is the unique locking device on the L.C. Smith guns that kept them shooting accurately.

Q. What is a lunch box special?
A. If you said your Roy Rogers lunch box, you are wrong. It was a unique gun made by the workers at the Hunter Arms plant, assembled from mismatched parts. They were common in the Fulton area.

Q. How do you know if you have a lunch box special or an authentic gun?
A. All authentic guns have internal matching serial numbers. Lunch box specials did not because of the mismatched parts used in assembling.

Q. How do you know if your gun comes from the Hunter Arms Factory?
A. The guns have “Fulton” stamped on the barrel.

Q. What do kids and guns have in common?
A. They both get grades.

Q. What is 8, 10, 12, 16, 20 and .410?
A. Yes they are all even numbers, but they are also gauges for shotguns.

Q. What is “side-by-side” and “over and under”?
A. If you answered kids’ games, you would be wrong. They are styles of gun barrels. Both were used by guns made at the Hunter Arms factory.

Q. What do Dodge, General Motors and Chrysler have in common?
A. Yes, they are all cars, but all had top employees who owned L.C. Smith Guns.

Q. Can you name any famous people who owned an L.C. Smith shotgun?
A. Theodore Roosevelt, Humphrey Bogart, Babe Ruth, and Annie Oakley are just a few of the American icons who owned L.C. Smith guns that were manufactured at the Hunter Arms Factory in Fulton.

Q. What do the names Rich Beyer and Andy Anderson mean to you?
A. If you answered two marksmen and collectors who did much to support the L.C. Smith Association, you are absolutely correct.

Interested in learning more about L.C. Smith shotguns and the Hunter Arms Homecoming weekend?

Contact Theresa Jones at [email protected], or Les Weldin at [email protected]

You can also call the John Wells Pratt House at 315-598-4616 for more information.

Please visit us at the Pratt House at 177 S. First Street in Fulton and at the Pathfinder Fish & Game Club on Route 57 to see the action for yourself.

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