Thank The Mayor

To The Editor:
In the media recently, there was a story about this month’s Finance and Personnel committee meeting and the Fulton Sales Tax Allotment.

I would like to thank former Mayor of Fulton Daryl Hayden and former Common Councilor Bob Weston for taking time to come to the meeting and defend the City of Fulton’s Sales tax allotment.

Former Mayor Hayden did a fine job explaining how the original sales tax allotment deal was created in good faith between the city and county leaders in 2006.

Legislator Jack Proud -R-Mexico, came to the defense of the original sales tax agreement stating, “I’m the oldest person here.” He also stated good faith is just that good faith.

Notably not in defense of either the present sales tax allotment or a different one was the only other county legislator that represents the city of Fulton’s eastside.

Very nice person, but at some point in time you have to take a stand one way or another.

Not in attendance was any of the current city of Fulton administration.  At least three were invited and were told how important it was for someone from the city to be in attendance.

It is sad that when asked to come to the table to fight for the city they (in some cases elected) represent they chose to go out the back door and hide.

Now they will say they talked to the county administrator and felt that was good enough.

Well I hate to tell them this but the county administrator handles the finances and doesn’t have a vote on the committee or on the legislative floor.

They also say that it has to go through the state not just the county. I’m sorry I don’t want to wait for it to get that far.

I learned from my father that if a bully is starting a fight if you jump up and punch him first he stops.

Former Mayor Hayden understands that it is best to have a great offence and then you don’t have to worry if your defense is good enough.

Former Common Councilor Bob Weston provided valuable documentation that was very helpful in presenting our case.

Thank you again former Mayor Hayden and former Common Councilor Weston. They don’t make them like you two anymore.

Legislator Frank Castiglia Jr.

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  1. Perhaps Mr. Castiglia could spend a little less time setting up his re-election and paying attention…..or ask me. I have been VERY vocal with others in defending the agreement with Fulton. Fulton has an agreement in writing with the legislative body approval.
    At NO TIME would I support any action to withdraw that agreement.

    Thanks for asking
    James Karasek

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