Thank You For New Arrow At 481 and Oneida Street Fulton

To The Editor:
A very special Thank you to Assemblyman Will Barclay and staff and to Senator Patty Richie and staff for a job well done.

It took some time.

A study had to be done to see whether or not an arrow was needed.

My husband, Myron Pringle, never gave up he was at Assemblyman Barclay’s office just about every other day and Senator Richie’s office every chance he could either in person or by phone.

If he wasn’t calling them they were calling us with information.

The light was a huge problem even with the sign on the light saying ” DO NOT BLOCK INTERSECTION,” which no one paid attention to.

If you didn’t get out into the intersection a little you would still be waiting at the light to make a turn so only one car would get to go.

I waited for that light several times some times between 4 to 5 times before I could turn.

There were a few times I saw and heard the fire truck or an ambulance with their lights and sirens on and had all they could do to get through the intersection. It was a mess I really thought there was going to be an accident.

We called everybody that would listen, we had people calling Assemblyman Barclay’s office and Senator Richie’s office and our legislators. We talked with Legislature Vice Chair Linda Lockwood, Legislators Morris Sorbello and Frank Castiglia Jr.

After 3 or 4 years years we finally made it happen. We won with everybody’s help.

I would always get stressed out at that light and today I might have to wait if it’s really busy but not long.

I would also like to thank the New York State DOT for all its work.

And again, a big thank you to Assemblyman Barclay and Senator Richie for all you do for us.

We greatly appreciate it.

Myron and Sue Pringle


  1. The intersection is bad only around 5pm. Around that time, I turn left (north) on First Street to Hubbard and get to old 57 that way. No stress; no sweat.

  2. It was a long overdue fix. BTW – Roundabouts suck. Was driving in Ireland for 10 days, what a P.I. A. they are!

  3. I am very pleased and grateful. This was very much needed! Thank you to all involved in making it happen.

  4. Originally from Oswego county. Now Live and travel between Philly, Wilmington DE, and Baltimore. The thought of someone complaining about traffic in Oswego county amuses me.

  5. I think everyone is pleased to see the change.When Russ Hayden was on the City council he and all of us fellow councillors asked for this to happen but were rejected by the state and their traffic study.Sometimes eventually the right decision prevails!(Bob)

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