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September 23, 2018

Thank You for Placing Flags in Fulton Cemeteries

FULTON – On May 16, several local adult and student volunteers from the Fulton Raider Modified, Junior Varsity and Varsity Lacrosse teams answered the call from the Fulton American Legion, Fulton VFW Post #569, Sugar Funeral Home, Inc., and Sugar & Scanlon Funeral Home to help our local veterans ready the two local cemeteries for Memorial Day.

The entire group of volunteers poses outside historic St. Mary's Cemetery

The entire group of volunteers poses outside historic St. Mary’s Cemetery

The morning was a complete success.

The volunteers met at 8:45 a.m. in order to place flags during available times as not to disrupt the scheduled spring burials and funerals occurring at both St. Mary’s Cemetery and Mount Adnah Cemetery.

While placing the flags in St. Mary’s Cemetery, students encountered active duty Marines who were waiting to bestow military honors to a recently deceased veteran.

The students, on their own, followed the lead of an adult who introduced himself and thanked them for their service.

To the adults’ surprise, all of a sudden the students lined up in single file to shake hands with the three representatives from the US Marine Honor Guard detail.

They also thanked them for their service and took a few moments to speak to them.

This small gesture speaks volumes that the small amount of time donated by these local youth can truly become a life lesson and may put them on a path of community service in their adult lives.

The young volunteers pose for a photo after placing flags.

The young volunteers pose for a photo after placing flags.

It also gives them a heightened awareness of the sense of duty; honor and many times sacrifice for those who choose a profession in the military.

After the work was finished, the veterans and volunteers were invited to meet at the Sugar Funeral Home for lunch.

All in all, the morning was a complete success.

To everyone involved we would like to thank you for all that you did.

Be proud, because in honoring our deceased veterans you also made a difference to your local community.

Thank you, for a job well done.

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