Thank You For Supporting The Library

The Oswego Public Library would like to thank the wonderful response from this community to support the newly restored library.

For the past three years, the library has highlighted some of the talented writers of Central New York: Tim Green, Laurie Halse Anderson and Bruce Coville.

This year’s fundraising event, “An Evening with Bruce Coville” gave our community an opportunity to meet a writer who loved teaching while starting to write children’s books.

His passion for writing blossomed into a full-time career.

Several of his books, loved by children and young adults, have earned national book awards.

In addition to his writing, Bruce has developed a company called Full Cast Audio with book characters coming to life on audio CDs.

Some of those voices are residents from Oswego.

Bruce gave an inspirational, sometimes humorous, presentation to an enthusiastic audience at the Foundry recently.

He emphasized that our library is a treasure house of story, a sanctuary for children.

“It (the library) is at the center of what it means to have a civilized society, a place where we can learn the stories of the world, stretch out to the work, welcome the world in, and do so with less fear,” he said.

The community opened their hearts to raise funds for books for our library.

The public is encouraged to visit our newly restored Oswego Public Library and discover the “treasure house” of books for all ages.

Terry and Martha Hammill,