Thank You For The Support

To The Editor:

I would like to take a few minutes out of my day and reach out to thank those that took part in the can “veggie” drive that was recently held.

To refresh you, my wife and I purchased 25 cases of veggies to be used in the Christmas baskets that Catholic Charities will hand out.

We then challenged the community to come up with 25 cases to match. Tops then would match with another 25 cases giving the program a total of 75 cases. (12 cans = 1 case).

I am extremely grateful for those that took up the challenge and assisted in making things a little bit better for those that could use the assistance.

The community in whole come up with 5 cases and the great news is that Tops donated the full 25 cases they offered. Thank you to Mark and the employees of Tops for putting this together for our community and a thank you to those that stepped up and took part.

As a result there are now 55 cases or 660 cans of veggies to assist the program.

As a reminder, when you shop this year once again I ask that you make an effort to shop local, shop in Oswego County and lets keep our businesses, small and large successful.

Our local economy has local employees and they are our friends, neighbors and family.

Please have a safe and wonderful holiday season.

Jim Karasek
Oswego County Legislator, District 22