Thank You For Your Support

To the editor,
The election season is over and the holidays are upon us.

I want to express my heartfelt thanks to the people of Fulton for their support during the last six years.

Serving on the legislature has been a wonderful experience, one that will remain with me always.

On election night, of course I was disappointed, but felt the right thing to do was to contact my opponent to congratulate him.

I went to the Democrat gathering and did just that, stating that “he ran a clean race.”

It was not until a few days later that I learned of the campaign mailing he sent alleging that I made “ILLEGAL” votes.

For the record, I am proud of each and every vote I have ever taken in the legislature and always voted with the best interests of Fulton in mind.

Just because some legislators on the opposite side of the aisle doesn’t like something, does not make it “ILLEGAL.”

The two votes my opponent featured in his mailing were both upheld and completely researched through our County Attorney and the courts.

Redistricting, while always uncomfortable and difficult, was conducted to the letter of the law using the 2010 census and a computer program.

Politics played no role and it’s shameful how my opponent misconstrued this process.

The appointment of the county treasurer was done according to our laws as researched by the County Attorney.

The negative campaign to destroy Fred Beardsley failed and he was duly elected this fall by the people of Oswego County.

Honesty and character are essential in politics.

For anyone who knows me, I wear my emotions on my sleeve and fight for what I think is right.

That’s how I served the good people of Fulton these last six years.

And, again, I am proud of that service.

I just hope that you will hold my opponent, your new legislator, accountable to you.

Lying about someone’s record at the 11th hour of a campaign, character assassination, and this continuous reinvention of the facts from certain legislators in the minority caucus do nothing to help Oswego County.

It may sneakily win an election, but in the long run that unethical behavior will come back to bite you.

Louella LeClair
Legislator District 25