Thanks For Making ARISE Event A Big Success

ARISE dane
The dance was truly an inclusive event

On April 14, ARISE, Pathfinder Bank, and SUNY Oswego’s Alpha Epsilon Phi and Sigma Delta Tau sorority came together to host a formal dance for ARISE’s consumers.

The dance was truly an inclusive event, bringing together the college and the community. We have heard so many comments from everyone who was at the dance – consumers and sorority sisters both, including: “Last night was awesome” and “It was so much fun. I loved the dancing.”

This wonderful event wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of many. Special thanks to Christie Foster, who came up with the idea and organized the dance together with ARISE staff. We are grateful to Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority whose members raised funds for the dance, donated dresses, made invitations, decorated picture frames, took and printed photos at the dance, and helped many of the young women do their hair and makeup.

We also applaud other individuals and organizations that played a role in making the evening a wonderful success. The Sigma Delta Tau sorority at SUNY Oswego donated dresses and made alternations to the dresses as needed. Pathfinder Bank held employee fundraisers and supported the cost of the DJ. Will O’Brien donated a wonderful cake, Ron Tascarella donated funds for decorations, and Reyne Pierce organized dress donations and the fundraisers at Pathfinder. Christine Clary donated make-up.

At ARISE, our mission is to create a fair and just community in which everyone can fully participate. We are so thankful to everyone involved in making this magical experience possible. We agree with one of the participants, who said, “This was the best dance ever. I made new friends.”

Sabine Ingerson
Director, ARISE Oswego County Office