Thanks For Supporting Earth Day

The Oswego County Environmental Management Council would like to express its thanks to the many individuals, families and organizations that took part in our county’s 2010 Earth Week events.

Whether it was a litter pickup, planting a tree, native plants or habitat gardens your efforts are needed  for protecting  the sustainability of our natural resources.

From the cleanups I was involved in and from information given by other groups, it seems that the new bottle bill has helped with reducing the litter from plastic water bottles.

Local redemption centers report an increase in returns provided by the plastic bottles.

The deposits collected on these returns are designated to go to the Environmental Protection Fund, which in turn is to put that money back locally for environmental uses.

Oswego is fortunate in having an abundance of water resources.

Non point source pollution, the leaching of contaminants through the ground into water bodies, is the largest cause of water pollution.

Remember to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Many items can be brought to the Oswego County Solid Waste stations regularly.

Hazardous wastes can be brought to the stations on scheduled dates.

For the schedule of  upcoming dates and more information on RRR go to:

The SUNY Oswego Sustainability Fair gave the community a chance to view and gain information on a variety of sustainable living ideas, including renewable energy for their homes, green building products, fuel cell and electric cars and other green living products.

The thoughts, practices and projects done during Earth Week are tenets that need to be continued year round.

For environmental and energy conservation, green ideas and tips with links go to the EMC page at:

The EMC would also like to thank Oswego County Building and Grounds, Oswego County Solid Waste Management, and Novelis for their contributions and help during Earth Week.

Photos of group’s Earth Week projects can be found at the site:

Richard Drosse,
Earth Week Coordinator
Oswego County Environmental Management Council