Thanks For Supporting Stone Soup

To The Editor:
As this year’s Stone Soup intern for United Way, I would like to extend a personal thank you to all volunteers, sponsors and attendees who offered their support to the Annual Stone Soup Luncheon hosted by St. Joseph’s Parish in Oswego.

Reflecting on my initial start as a United Way intern, I have been able to understand the impact United Way has in Oswego County. Seeing so many community members, students, and volunteers come together to support a cause was a meaningful experience.

Just within the small time the event was held, there was massive support for the event’s mission to end hunger in Oswego County.

Even more exciting was having many local businesses contribute to the event, creating a warming and close-knit experience.

For this I would graciously like to thank The Press Box, Vona’s Restaurant, Canale’s Restaurant, The American Foundry, Greene’s Ale House, The Oswego Country Club and Bridie Manor for providing delicious soups.

Thank you to Bosco & Geers, Davis Brothers, C’s Farm Market, Tim Horton’s, Kinney Drugs, Giovanni Foods, and Cakes Galore for other specialty menu items.

I would also like to note the generous contributions from Oswego Lions Club.

As a new member of the Stone Soup team I appreciated seeing the efforts of the volunteer committee continue the annual tradition.

Thank you to our members Marion Ciciarelli, Shawn Seale and Helen Hoefer, for again supporting Stone Soup. I would also like recognize the volunteer efforts of SUNY Oswego student, Jessica McChesney and several members of the women’s hockey team at Oswego State for their volunteer work.

With the combined efforts of volunteers, attendees and sponsors, Stone Soup was truly successful in its 10th year.

A total of $2,300 in donations and countless non-perishable items will provide Human Concerns, Catholic Charities, Salvation Army, and Hannibal Food Pantry with the necessary support needed to get through the holidays.

The luncheon highlighted the positive impact community members have by coming together; being a part of the event was a valuable experience I will always cherish.

Thank you to everyone for your support!

Alyssa Barrett
Stone Soup Intern
SUNY Oswego Student
United Way Greater Oswego County