Thanks For Your Support, Condolences

It was a week ago, on Oct. 19, that my mother passed away rather unexpectedly.

Most of the past week, for me, seemed compressed; moving in slow motion but passing very quickly (like the special effects on the old TV show ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’).

The calling hours are all done. So too are the funeral service and the burial.

My wife and I would like to thank everyone for their kind thoughts and condolences.

Many of you sent cards and notes. They are much appreciated.

Some even donated to the Oswego County Humane Society in my mother’s memory. (If you haven’t, there’s still time: their office is located at 265 W. First St., Oswego, NY.)

A special thanks to the friends and family (including one of mom’s granddaughters) who stepped up to be pallbearers.

At the services I got to see my mother’s great-great-granddaughter. With her warm dark skin and big bright eyes she’s already beautiful. Can only imagine what she’ll be like by the time she gets into high school.

I also got to see several family members that I haven’t seen in decades; and, a very dear friend (from the first day of kindergarten right through high school graduation) Toni (Weaver) Maxwell. She made the trip to Mexico to tell me what a powerful and positive influence my mother had on her while she was growing up.

But now comes the most difficult part.

Sifting through the belongings of someone who was 93 won’t be easy – not by a long shot.

A considerable chunk of time will be spent playing “remember when?” just about every time I come across a photo, a clipping, note or other memento my mother saved; and she saved just about everything.

But I also have to deal with the insurance companies, pension, Social Security and what bills are there left to be paid and much more.

So, again, thank you to every one of you who’ve helped me through these trying times.

I hope to get some personal cards to all of you. Hope I have all your addresses.

If you don’t receive a thank you note in the mail, just remember – I’m probably trying to find your address.

You all have a special place in my heart.

Thank you!

Steve and Ann Yablonski
Oswego, NY