The Buc School Deserves To Continue

Dear Editor:
I am writing to you today as a concerned parent of one of the BUC School’s students.

I’m not sure if you are aware that the Oswego Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Ben Halsey, has proposed the closure of the BUC School, which is a big mistake!

The BUC School is a different kind of school. It encourages kids from seventh to eighth grade to study and be able to function better in their adult lives.

This is what we call the Big Picture” School.

Kids don’t just memorize facts from textbooks and later forget all about them afterwards.

This is a school where children learn to be more independent and get into internships in places that they would want to work in the future.

Because of this school, my daughter learned to love school again.

When she was in grade school and middle school, she hated school.

She was always absent from school. She felt that school was not important to her since all she did was memorize facts that she will not ever use as an adult.

Now with the help of the BUC School, she’s starting to blossom into a beautiful young lady who knows what she wants to do with her life.

She tried Oswego High School for a few days, but she got so overwhelmed with the environment and all the people.

The BUC School is not a school for delinquents that a lot of people have the misconception of thinking it is.

The students there are all intelligent and hard-working young adults who want to succeed in life.

Oswego is very lucky to have such a school.

This is a school that offers an alternative education for children who want to be more successful in life.

This school that has been here for only two years has already been instrumental in shaping our children into better individuals.

A lot of kids that would have dropped out of school are staying in school because they are here at the BUC School.

I really hope that Mr. Halsey reconsiders his decision to close this special school.

Joy Magsino