The Circus Comes to Minetto Elementary

MINETTO, NY – Sixth grade students at Minetto Elementary School brought cheers and lots of laughs to a packed gymnasium recently for the school’s traditional circus event.

The participants wore neon green shirts with “Minetto School Circus 2014” emblazoned on the front of each.

The Circus Comes to Minetto Elementary
The Circus Comes to Minetto Elementary

The fun-filled event featured a variety of performances including: hula hoops, devil sticks, diabolos, juggling rings, scarves and juggling balls.

Students also put on comedy skits, walked on stilts and performed acrobatics.

A student emcee “brought down the house” with jokes and light-hearted segues between acts.

According to Crystal Mason, an art teacher at Minetto Elementary, the student led event has become a meaningful Minetto Tradition for the past 15 years.

“The tradition began with a National Circus project years ago, but in recent years we chose to have the students lead their own in-house production,” Mason said. “The students practice for the show during their art, music or physical education time for a couple of weeks leading up to the circus event. Throughout the circus activity, students practiced not only their circus skills, but learned the importance of teamwork, cooperation, and planning.”