The City Of Fulton By The Numbers

To The Editor:
There has been some up-roar over my suggestion that it may be time to dissolve the city we all grew up in and love.

Here are some of the numbers and facts and opinion.

14 years ago:

2 – major manufacturers – fact
1 – Hospital – fact
2 – swimming pools – fact
1 – lake (swimmable – fishable) – estimate
13,000 – population – estimate
10.00 per thousand taxes – estimate
No flat rate water usage fee – fact
Full water department – fact
Full DPW – fact
Full manning at City Hall (office) – fact
2 – fire stations – fact
Full public safety departments (fire and police) – Required and needed
1 – major manufacture (for how long?) – fact
0 – hospitals – fact
0 – swimming pools – fact
0 – lake (that is swimmable) – fact
11,000 – population – estimate
20.00 per thousand taxes – fact
Now have a flat rate water usage fee (+usage) – fact
Minimal manning for water department – fact
Minimal manning for DPW
Minimal office staff (City Hall) – fact
2 – fire stations – fact
Full manning for public safety (fire and police) – required and needed

Now these are all facts some estimated some actual but still they are facts.

Now for my opinion.

In order to get out of this situation (3 million dollar costs) we would have to add around 1,500 new houses, or 3 or 4 major manufacturers (remember they usually get PIOLT agreements, less taxes paid – jobs yes) just so we wouldn’t have to keep raising taxes and fees.

It is proven that if you don’t increase your tax base or lower your costs you have to increase the taxes to those in your tax base.

These things would have come to be no matter who was in City Hall but, the fact is that doing the same thing and expecting different results is crazy.

It’s time to try something new and drastic.

City Hall is doing  everything they can think of to balance the budget but, it seems to always come down to raising taxes (as a last resort) or cutting services or cutting  manning of the little services we do have or all of these things.

A feasibility study must be done, funded by a grant, a committee formed, made up of local business leaders, taxpayers (possibly each ward represented) town representatives (Volney and Granby).

The study may show dissolving the city isn’t possible or needed but, if it does the voters will decide if it will happen.

Legislator Frank Castiglia


  1. We need to cut the size of our firefighting staff, entirely to large for a city of our size. We also need to look at the wages received in retirement for all government employees, it is choking our tiny city to death.

  2. Well said! This city is falling apart, it’s hard for a business to even make it around here. The city workers, fire department and police station need to be reformed. It’s sad when we have a fire and volunteer fire departments show up in full force not getting paid but our so called fire department would rather just collect there check for 20 yrs retire and get another job and collect the huge pension they have, same with the police department. When volunteer fire department don’t get paid and can survive very well, why can’t ours. If I was a volunteer fireman why would I want to come into the city to help? Because it’s in my nature to help, not needing to set around and collect the big bucks while our city crumbles. Maybe the west side should go back to being Oswego Falls. Maybe we need to clean house around here. It’s sad to drive around and not see anything good about the city. Same businesses just move from one building to another making it look good that’s all. Why hasn’t anyone else come forward wanting to be mayor? Probably cause they don’t know how to fix the mess that our city has gotten used into. I know my family has had talks about leaving this ghost town! Everybody at city Hall has there hands in each other’s pockets. What ever happened to “Fulton A City With A FUTURE!” I see that sign lasted long at our city lines. Maybe we need someone like Donald Trump to be mayor. He would do more than our own mayor has his whole time being in office. When the mayor drives around and sees all the garbage and trash laying around but doesn’t do anything about it then we have a problem. I see tell garbage guys drive around and if the garbage isn’t in the can they won’t pick it up. Maybe garbage guys help clean up your city and take the extra step and pick up garbage flying around town. Or is your union job state you don’t have to. Maybe we should get rid of the union cause they are all over paid! I could go on and on about this city, from the political end to the people selling heroin on the street corners to our houses that these slum lords rent to. Maybe the citizens should start a committee. Cause our alderman tell us there hands are tied most of the time and can’t do anything about what is happening. In fact we don’t even know our new alderman due to weather must not have been important enough to get our votes. Not a single person running for alderman came to our house to talk to us how are we supposed to vote on people if we don’t know anything about them or what they will do. I vote Trump for mayor cause all those bottom feeders in the city would be fired! Let’s clean up this hole and “Make this city great again!”

  3. I am in TOTAL AGREEMENT with your comments. I am a home owner and Small Business owner, and I to am fed up…
    I have lived here my childhood and now as a adult raising my children and trying to succeed as a business owner. My business and home are on a block known all to well to the Welfare Drug Dealers and Crime. I have seen and dealt with first hand the reality of why this city has a Aweful Reputation. Since we have been here, we have worked very hard to take part in cleaning up our neighborhood. Let me say..Not Fun
    This city is full of Welfare Scum who according to the police, and state, have more rights than us as tax payers and home owners..We were personally threatened by these Neighbors and had to live Scared for our family until the process went through to evict them..Side note..they were squatters..We have seen mothers leave their children to play in the street while they are inside getting a fix..A few months ago we finally got rid of a elderly man that was selling heroine and young prostitutes (18-20yrs old). I could go on..My point is that cleaning up our neighborhoods shouldn’t solely be our responsibility. If you can’t turn to the police or city..who do you turn to??? Just so we are clear, I was so angry of hearing how many rights these people have and how many rights I dont..I went to the city and state Representative..All I got was Sorry..Not good enough. That is why the citizens of Fulton give up..It’s not worth your family getting threatened..
    As a Small business owner in this city, I have to do all I can to pull customers from other cities to come shop..We are a jobless city and Having the reputation Fulton has, not too many people travel here..Now I have paid attention to the traffic in this city and it is heavily traveled through..The question is how do you get them to stop and shop or eat?
    The reality is there is nothing for customers here. Look at Broadway..Empty..A small business can’t survive here..Why?
    Maybe take some notes from Oswego…Their small businesses thrive..Not only because of the college but look at the events they put on to pull people in..What does Fulton do anymore? Fulton seems they gave up on Events. What events they do put on..Does the local paper come around to ask us businesses to take part in an Ad? If they do, do they pick and choose? There are so many things this city can do to CLEAN IT UP, but what are chances anyone sitting in those seats does anything..Like I’ve said..I’ve seen first hand..Talk is Cheep..Start the change..Teach us how

  4. Another thing is I ha e one meter for water and ha e to pay a flat rate for 2 apartments only one meter I don’t use double water ther charge 70 for each apartment flat then my use so it’s $140 off the bat when I only use 20 to 30 in water it’s bull and I was told if I start stepping on toes we will have problems

  5. I would like to respond to the issue with the garbage and the city workers within the dpw being overpaid. Salaries are all public knowledge and I would like you to take a look at the salaries of the “Garbage men” that drive by and not pick up the garbage that is laying in piles. Please remember the same “overpaid” guys that may be making any where from 26k to 40k (depending on skill set/position and title) thousand dollars a year are the same guys that are plowing the roads then all night then going back out all day….then going back out in the plows then start all over again the next day. After doing 46 hours straight go home and sleep for three hours to be called in to do it all again. There is not a second shift. There is one shift all 18 guys all the time. The highway department are the only guys to do this. The water dept. has 3 guys total to cover all of the water pipes in the city. The sanitation dept has 4 guys to cover all sewers and pump stations. Water works has 3. All departments are in unions we are all out of contract right now. Just so it is known public works have not recieved a raise in 4 years and funny thing is we are not pushing to get a raise. Have you looked into the public safety contracts and what they are asking for. All make almost double what the higher paid employees within public works make and they are fighting to get more. The public works have seasonal employees picking up garbage in the good the bad and ugly weather for minimum wage.
    I guess all in all we as employees of the public works are happy to serve the city the best we can and will keep trying to please those who want this to be a better place . Just remember we are trying…
    Its more than what can be said about our 100k bbqing red trucks with with multiple shifts and second jobs….This was not to be rude .Just a reminder we all live in the same city and want the same as you. Keep smiling because the winter is almost over and we can go back to our normal shifts. Please be patient when its snowing hard and the roads are bad.

  6. Is that why you guys that plow and salt, drive 40 plus miles an hour down our roads! That is uncalled for! Garbage blowing all over that isn’t called for either. The workers on the street really don’t care. Our side roads are barely touched for days and road conditions suck. We barely ever see plows out even at night. They should be happy to have a job cause there are a lot of people out there that would love to have a job and probably would take more pride in there neighborhood than the people we have on now. If they actually care about our city then they should do something about it. Hours aren’t any issue, if they are then why take the job . Be thankful to be working and be more courteous of the tax payers around them. Itso only going to get worse if our city officials don’t start doing something about it. Fulton will dissolve in the end. Why would anyone want to come to a city that is falling apart the more tax payers leave the more you will see it dissolve. To be honest I’m all for dissolvement and restructuring is a huge key. Clean it up Fulton!!

  7. Fed up citizens please will you direct the people that would love to have a job and would actually care more than the current employees to go down to city hall and apply for a seasonal position. The starting rate to pick up garbage and recycables is $9.75. That would be a great help. Thank you.

  8. Fulton is not the only city in the state of New York that is having these problems. Major manufacture is leaving all over the state and going south where they aren’t taxed as high. I blame this on the state goverment. How do you bring them back is the question? So now there are no good paying jobs in the city so you can support a family as small as 3. Then the taxes to support the city bring the burden on the Home owners. Big business need to be brought back and less needs to be given in welfare. Which a major of the population in Fulton is on. (Another state screw up) As for public safety, the fire department has to abide by the 2 in 2 out rule which means if there is a building fire in the city. And there are 2 FF’s working inside, there must be 2 outside and ready to go if something goes wrong. In reality this department is under staffed compared to other cities this size. and considering every thing that must be done on the fire scene. would you want to do their job and risk your life? I grew up in Fulton and lived there for 27 years. And saw it starting to go down hill then. So how do you fix it? I would start with state government.

  9. To someone that does care then you must be the only one that does. 9.75 is to much money for people that don’t pick up all the trash. You might as well get rid of the dump or charge us less cause they don’t pick up garbage like they should.

    Now Scott our fire and police department take probably about 3/4 of our budget. That is insane. Maybe the volunteer fire companies shouldn’t come help out anymore. If a volunteer fire department can comw onto this city and fight our over paid fire department, god bless them. Most of the people on our fire deparment dont even live in our city just like the police department. So they have no reason To really care. They just want there 20 yrs in and collect the pension. Our city can barely pay to have any roads done or any sprucing up. Yes it has a lot to do with welfare and that is a county problem. Anyone on welfare knowstate Oswego County pays the highest in welfare. This city needs a restructuring. Get everyone out of each other’s pockets in city hall and we might have a chance to turn this around. I’m still up for devolve of the city and start from scratch. Get rid of the union cause they seem to be only wanting more money and better benefits. Yes I am strongly against unions. There is no pride there just they know they have a great job and get to do nothing but be union proud to get more money and expensive benefits. I am a business owner in and around the area. I see union workers all the time. Usually 4 guys standing around while the low man does all the work. This city doesn’t need 2 fire departments. The police force could be redone also. We have Oswego County police and state troopers right around the corner. But this will never happen and this city will fall into the river.

  10. So here is the numbers for medical, police and fire retirement, fire protection, and police.
    That cost the city $10,216,984.00
    The budget is $15,710,583.

    Something is wrong with this picture

  11. $ 9.75. Do you have a job. Because with out public assistance it is next to impossible to pay any bill’s. Or is that not a concern……to much money to be out trying to make it without assistance…Are you really for the city or just complaints. I hope and know this city will be better and will continue to try. Thank you for our readers and Scott for giving some insite on how state laws work.

  12. I made a mistake I meant at 9.75 it would be hard to make it without public assistance. But people will continue to try. Glass half full or glass half empty..thank you

  13. Someone who cares. I’m for the city but you need to get rid of the people in city hall. What has they done about our 10 million dollar problem? What have they done about the garbage that your garage people areally to lazy to pick it up next to their feet? About sidewalksome that barely no one cleans? The slum lords that walk all over the city? Yes I do have a job. I actually have my own business that I worked hard at building. Bit what is this city doing for people like us. I know, how about the city let another Pizza place come in or another grocery store like Aldi’s come in. Cause we all know how much we need another one of them. All businesses do around here is jump from one building to another and the city makes it sound like big things are happening. I’m not just blowing smoke. I am expressing that our city has a problem and it starts at city hall with our over spending. It’s start with the fact that we can’t even afford to have a pool for the kids anymore. We can’t afford to fix our street the right way. We can’t afford to make sure our streets are clean of snow and garage. About 2/3 of our budget go to police and fire department. That doesn’t leave much for anything else. I understand that the rest of the people don’t make a lot, I get it, but that isn’t the people of the cities problem. Why should use good citizens have to watch snow plows fly done our roads? What can’t someone just bend over and pick up the trash right next to their feet that is blowing around? Do we have to watch city garbage men destroy our garage cans that we spent alot of money on? Doesn’t matter what you make for money. It’s a job and you should do your job 110% . Now of these city workers work for me cause they wouldn’t have a job long. I see it every day in this city, Every Day!. But hey let’s keep making excuses for everyone in city hall cause that has worked well for us. I think I heard they were going to be putting another sign up at the border. Fulton No Future In Site! I am one that usually believes that the glass is half full. But I thineed Fulton’s glass has a leak in it cause it is losing water

  14. Unfortunately the city will be forced into consolidation with the county sooner rather than later as the closing of the Fitz Plant announced for next January has been made! The ripple effect of that loss will be huge across the county, severely hampering services and budgets.
    Syracuse and Onondaga county are beginning to realize they will have to do this consolidation also and of course it was recommended by the Governor and State last year when Fulton was named a “distressed City”.
    One large cost not in any accounting is the “deferred maintenance” of infrastructure, vehicles, city buildings which will soon pop up.
    The Mayor hurt the city with the “hiding” of residential properties held off the tax rolls because he was trying to employ his fix up program that failed because he caused the tax rates to be too high to attract his perfect “white picket fence” family buyer.
    Finally we are paying three police and firemen salaries for protection, the current one, the one that just retired and the one that retired before them. This has been going on a long time, that is why the safety costs are so high. Next time you see an accident or police response notice how the over reaction of personel that respond to it, they are simply trying to protect their futures by this show of force. The “Village” of Fulton will survive if we consolidate all these services.

  15. you better wake up and smell the coffee every place this is happening . just in case you haven’t heard we are losing 600 hundred jobs in Oswego. you people have all the answers but yet none of you ran for mayor.

  16. Actually Oswego is doing better that us it is striving on becoming better. . Everyone around us seems to be ok. I do alot of business in Oswego County. We might be losing 600 jobs but there is 121,000 people in Oswego County. Yes it sucks that the power plant is shutting down,but it’s a good example that business cannot stay open if it’s not making money. I have always believed where one door closes another one opens. Instead of crying over 600 jobs leaving maybe we should be trying to get another industry in our area. Luckily Novelis added the new line cause they could have been gone to. Also Nobody, it’s not the point of running for mayor it’s the point us people of Fulton take a stand against the people who are in office now. I’m not surprised that no one ran for office cause everyone around here has there hands in everybody else’s pockets. All you can do is cry about 600 jobs that aren’t even in our city. We can’t worry about the county when we have our own issues that mayor after mayor has created. I definitely agree with I’m Watching.. The “village “of Fulton is what this place will be in the end. Consolidation and restructuring is what we need.

  17. I moved here & I like it here. The issues going on should not be blamed on the current takes decades to lose a lot of the amenities Fulton once had. These problems have been going on for a long time & I dont see 1 person,party or organization responsible on their own for the entire downfall of the city. I wasnt born here but i did go to school here during the 80’s-early 90’s. I have lived in very wealthy productive areas in different states& also been in very bad places in Syracuse. I’ve been in every suburb area between Syracuse & Fulton. I do remember when there was a movie theater here & that was something nice for families to do together. Of course back then no one would ever consider a mass shooting at the movies….like in America now. I feel extremely safe here. There are no shootings /killings /stabbings everyday. We dont have to worry about our children getting shot going to the store or playing at the park. There are no rival gang territories filled with violence & crime. I can walk down the street without fear of being killed. People take the safety here in Fulton for granted & do not even realize how blessed they r to be here. There is an epidemic with drugs everywhere. Not just here. But I dont see 15boys standing on corners or in front of stores selling drugs. Most ppl overdose themself b4 getting murdered by sum1else around here…. How many people r getting robbed n killed in Fulton? The more people complain about Fulton the less people will want to come here,to establish something positive. Fulton is a breath of fresh air to me. Live on the south or west side of Syracuse & see how fulton compares. Its higher crime more poverty more drugs more violence more dirty streets ….. I Luv it here in Fulton. So downing degrading & putting Fulton down will solve none of the issues anyone has brought up in these comments. I’m going to continue to enjoy my life here,with my family….& for the ppl complaining drugs are being sold in a house on their block… could be much much worse. It could be almost every house on every corner in front of every store…. But its Not. The police & fire departments do a very good job here. How would u like to have a 911 emergency & have to wait a hour to get an ambulance or a police officer to your house? No we dont have that problem. Just dont take for granted the good things about fulton,NY. I’m not into going back & forth commenting. I’ve said my opinion & anyone who doesn’t realize what a diamond in the ruff this place is…. Either work to make positive changes or move where u feel its better.

  18. Mrs. Brown I guess you don’t live in the right neighborhoods to see all of what goes on. I have had the police tell me that they can’t do nothing none less take their sweet time to get somewhere. The fire department drives their toys all over for no reason. When you get a call for someone falling or hurt doesn’t mean you need to send out the whole force and eat up tax payers money. Yes you make some good points but the city is getting bad and if us as citizens don’t step up and do something about it then it’s going to be Crosby Hill! You don’t believe that the people in city hall aren’t responsible for what is happening? Who else controls how this city runs. I have had to defend my family in this city against those lowlife gangs that will jump you if they see you. Mrs Brown you must live in Patrick circle or down pollard, or in the Glen. This city isn’t as quiet as it seems you just live in a neighborhood where you don’t see it. I am definitely ready for a change, a change for our readers kids futures or they will have to take care of the debt that our fine city has gotten used into weather other started 5 years ago or 20years ago. I like the city also but no one is doing anything to make it better. The cops don’t want to do their job cause they don’t want the paperwork that is involved so they push things off all the time, you just don’t have to see it in your nice neighborhood. Come stay at my house for the day and then you will see how much crap actually happens, the drugs the welfare that live off of us tax payers. I don’t see why people have to make excuses for what our city officials have done to the city. Where is our sign Fulton The City With A FUTURE. That didn’t last long did it. There isn’t much of a future here. I want to see us great again but something needs to be done period.

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