The Clear Choice for District 20

When you read a letter to the editor, such as Mr. Francis Rhines’ against Legislator Doug Malone you except it to be an honest complaint. You would be wrong. Mr. Rhines has lied to the residents of Doug Malone’s district, the 20th.

Unless the Republican Majority’s new and costly redistricting plan has moved the Town of Oswego to the other end of the county Mr. Rhines is not a resident of the 20th legislative district, but the 6th legislative district.

Now we know that his two claims in his, or should I say someone’s letter, is false you have to ask how he came to write such a false letter? If you know Doug Malone, as I do, and the residents of the 20th district do, Doug is the clear voice for the taxpayer and common sense in the legislature. This of course is the voice the majority wants to silence.

Doug does not sit in silence; he speaks up on behalf of his district’s residents and does so with authority. He does not vote in lock step with the majority, but listens to all sides and makes a vote based on what is best for the 20th district and the County of Oswego.

Now we know that the party bosses do not want Doug Malone continuing as your legislator because of this honest and straightforward manner. They want legislators to just sit there, not ask questions and just vote the “party line.”

We already have too many of those in the county legislature that’s why we need Doug Malone reelected.

Mike Kunzwiler
Oswego County Legislative Minority Leader