‘The Curious Savage’ a Hit at Birdlebough

John C. Birdlebough student actors recently showcased their talents with a fall production of “The Curious Savage.”

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Phoenix student actors act out a scene from the school’s fall production of “The Curious Savage.”

The cast of 11 helped tell the story of Mrs. Savage, who inherits $10 million when her husband dies.

The story follows the path of Mrs. Savage and her stepchildren as they battle over how the money should be spent.

“The characters are fabulous and there’s depth upon depth and layer upon layer in this story,” said director Brian Logee. “It’s a beautiful, beautiful story.”

Audience members were captivated as the student actors transformed into the complex characters and told the story of “The Curious Savage.”

Although the dominant mood of the play was comedy, Logee noted that the end result went beyond laughter.

The audience left with a feeling that there is hope in humanity and kindness is not lost, he said.