The Featured Faces of Annie Get Your Gun

Featured Faces

OSWEGO – When director Matt Fleming announced open auditions some weeks ago, he had no idea the talent he would have available to cast in the Oswego Players’ production of “Annie Get Your Gun.”

Although the classic Irving Berlin musical centers around two principle characters, sharp shooter Frank Butler and the famous Annie Oakley, a number of featured characters surround the two leads.

And collectively, they all beautifully weave a fictional story of Buffalo Bill’s famous duo.

The lineup of featured actors is amazing and with a talented ensemble are able to sing and dance their way through this fictionalized version of the romance between Annie and Frank.

The show boasts a score of Irving Berlin gems including “There’s No Business Like Show Business,” “I Got Lost in His Arms,” “I Got the Sun in the Mornin’,” “Anything You Can Do” and “They Say It’s Wonderful,” only to mention a few.

This talented cadre of featured players includes Jessie Dobrzynski, playing Dolly Tate. Dolly is wild with jealousy over Annie’s success and challenges Annie in a commanding way throughout the show.

It should also be noted that Jessie, as the show’s choreographer, has created some delightful dance numbers for the cast to perform.

Winnie Tate, Dolly’s pretty younger sister and chorus girl, is played by Samantha Scheer.

When Winnie falls in love with handsome Tommy Keeler, portrayed by talented Liam Kerr, Dolly is not at all happy and makes it well known.

Now what would the show be without Buffalo Bill Cody himself?

And Matt knew he had just the right person in casting Joshua Delorenzo as Bill Cody.

Josh’s challenge will be to bring to life the imposing character he plays.

Knowing Josh’s talent, he will.

Buffalo Bill’s stage manager, Charlie Davenport, is acted out by Matthew Wood.

Charlie is direct, capable and exasperated with the craziness of this tour and shows his temper often.

Matt is playing his heart out with this role.

Pawnee Bill is Buffalo Bill’s primary competition who is a less respectable version of Buffalo Bill.

This gives actor Phil Brady the unique opportunity to show off his talents when he comes up against Buffalo Bill now and then on stage.

A lot of the action takes place in and around Foster Wilson’s hotel.

TAYA alumni, Collin Hatch stepped up at auditions and wanted to try his hand at playing the crusty hotel manager.

Collin said he never thought of singing much, but recently told his parents, “I think I like singing too.”

Chief Sitting Bull is a gem of a role and once again, Matt knew who he would cast.

Long-time member of the OP, Norman Berlin III, gets to really ham it up as the wise old sage who dryly shares his hilarious take on life and human nature.

There are laughs galore when Sitting Bull is around.

Jessie Oakley and Nellie Oakley are portrayed by Katie Gerth and Beatta Collins.

These two young actresses just smile and wink, and giggly their way though the entire show as two of the youngest characters on stage.

Annilea Murphy and Caylyn Salmonsen get to share the role of Little Jake on alternate dates and they are cute and perky.

Ashley Haskins, who takes on the part of Mac, completes the cast of supportive characters to bring the show to life.

So when you round out the many bits and featured spots played out by the ensemble which includes: Ali Kerr, Kaylee Delk, Alyssa Clavellli, Isaac Kearns, Jennifer Waugh, Cameron Waugh, Grace Syrell, Elaine Best, Michael Moss, Aries Pickens, Abigail Smith and Michael Gerth, you get almost 30 people who will be giving their all to bring smiles to the faces of everyone in the audience.

Tickets are selling fast, so get to the phone and call the box office at 315-343-5138 for reservations or go to

“Annie Get Your Gun” is a collaborative effort with the Oswego Players, Theater Arts Youth Academy and is made possible through the generous support of the Richard S. Shineman Foundation, the Oswego County Community Foundation, the Oswego City/County Youth Bureau, and CNY Arts.