The Food Stamp Program: Help Stretch Your Food Dollar

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OSWEGO, NY – As gas prices continue to soar along with the prices of flour, milk, eggs and other basics, many families find themselves with faced with choosing whether to fill their fuel tanks, fill their grocery carts, buy their medicines or pay the bills.

No one should face the choices many families, seniors and immigrants are now considering.

The Food Stamp Program may be able to help.

Individuals or families may be eligible even if they, work, own a home or have some money in the bank.

The Food Stamp Program can stretch families’ and individuals’ hard-earned dollar further by helping them purchase nutritious food.

The program can help relieve some of the stress families’ struggle with as they try to make ends meet with a shrinking paycheck and ever-increasing household costs.

An entitlement program like Social Security, the federally funded Food Stamp Program was created to provide nutrition assistance to families who may be struggling during difficult financial times.

Nearly half of those who receive food stamps are children, another nine percent are over the age of 60, but there are millions more who may be eligible and not know it.

Studies show children need good nutrition to do well in school and seniors need eat properly to stay healthy.

The Nutrition Outreach and Education Program (NOEP) may be able to assist in determining whether you might be eligible to receive food stamp benefits.

Administered by Catholic Charities of Oswego County, the NOEP, through free, confidential prescreenings, application and documentation assistance, can help.

For more information or a free, confidential prescreening, call the NOEP Coordinator Heidi Rauch-Webb, at 1-877-636-9196.