The Fun Begins at CNY Arts Center

FULTON, NY – The learning curve just got a little boost in Fulton with the announcement that CNY Arts Center will be offering art classes for adults in early July.

With a smorgasbord of delectable options, students can enroll in classes such as decorative paper, mosaic stepping stones,  introduction to stained glass, homemade greeting cards ,watercolor monotypes  merging painting and printmaking, stained glass wind chimes, botanical drawings, watercolor painting, advanced sketching, wet on wet oil, acrylic painting, pencil drawings, beginner photo solutions, along with tools and techniques of scrapbooking.

Drawing from local artists as teachers, classes will be available in a variety of times and days, mornings, evenings, and one day weekend workshops.

“It’s the quality and professionalism of our own local instructors that has been a delightful discovery in putting these classes together, “ said Alice Lamb, coordinator of class scheduling. “ Published authors, artists in every medium with impressive accomplishments, each with a passion to share their individual talents make this an exciting time to take a class and learn something new.”

“This is the culmination of what we‘ve been working toward for more than a year now. We’re finally ready to invite the public to come and expand their arts education, learn new skills and techniques, develop relationships with other creative people, and ignite change,” said Nancy Fox, president of the organization. “There are so many more classes being planned for all ages. The schedule changes almost daily. We encourage everyone who wants to participate whether as a student, a teacher with a unique class to present, or a parent looking for engaging art activities for their children, to get in touch with us. Keep an eye on the website where changes are likely to appear first, or arrange to visit the center and talk with any of the volunteer staff.”

A children’s program is being developed and will begin with Arty’s Day Camp to run July 16-20 and Aug 20-24.

The Center is located at the Park Street entrance to State Street United Methodist Church, 357 State St., Fulton.

For more information on classes, or Arty’s Day Camp, July 16-20, visit www.CNYArtsCenter.com