The Golden Rule / Courtesy

The Golden Rule / Courtesy

This message is for all the drivers that are using the Broadway Bridge in the city of Fulton.

The bridge is going through reconstruction, which means that you will be experiencing delays but you need to use common sense and courtesy in applying the following:

1) you are not the only person on the road.

2) Please observe the traffic signs that have been put up to maintain the flow of traffic.

3) At the very busy East Broadway / 481 intersections, blocking the intersection with your car serves no purpose other than preventing the other lane of traffic from moving.

4) Look ahead and observe traffic from both directions.

5) Be courteous. If a driver needs to blend into the traffic from the corner businesses let that happen.

6) Don’t block the entrance way to any business.

7) Think of alternate routes, like the Oneida Street Bridge. 8) Keep your cool, don’t lose your patience. Everybody is trying to get somewhere.

From a personal note, we observed recently as we approached the 481/E Broadway intersection cars blocked the intersection, not allowing traffic to move and then as we proceeded north on 481, two cars turning into Burger King were prevented from doing such because the drivers failed to consider their fellow-drivers.

Stopping just one car length would have allowed the cars to pull in.

The Golden Rule needs to be applied not only through this situation but throughout our lives.

Bob & Sandy Westo