‘The Heart of Fulton’ Visits Fulton Lions Club

FULTON, NY – Author Jim Farfaglia and Mary Kimball made a presentation to the Fulton Lions Club on their book, “The Heart of Fulton at Home and Abroad: World War II and the Korean War,” at the club’s February meeting.

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From left are: Jim Farfaglia, Leo Chirello, Mary Kimball and Dave Guyer.

Kimball and Farfaglia read excerpts from the book, which recounts personal stories of Fulton veterans and their families during the two wars.

Fulton Lions past president Leo Chirello is a Korean War veteran who contributed a memoir to the book.

They were joined by Fulton Lions President Dave Guyer.

The Fulton Lions Club, also known for its Lions Loot Sweepstakes, Lions Mane Event Comedy Night, and annual Duck Derby, provides financial assistance for those in need of eyeglasses, eye exams, and hearing aids to residents in the Greater Fulton area.

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