The Human Concerns Center Says ‘Thank You’

Dear Neighbors,
The Human Concerns Center would like to thank both postal employees and community members for their participation in the May 11 “Stamp Out Hunger” letter carrier food drive.

The event is the largest one-day food drive in the world. It allows every resident in the county and across the nation to donate food that ultimately stays within the community to help its needy neighbors.

While Oswego County continues to have one of the highest unemployment rates in New York State leading to food insecurity in some cases, the community does what it can every year to lend a hand to disadvantaged neighbors.

The outpouring of food was beyond description. It took 13 people and three hours to move the food from the Oswego Post Office to Human Concerns at 85 East 4th Street. It will take the volunteers at Human Concerns weeks to sort through the food and check for expiration dates.

We would like to thank all of those who volunteered their time in making this effort successful. Thanks to all the postal workers who extended their time and put out their backs to pick up all the food donated on their routes. Cheers to the volunteers who lifted all the food out of the postal trucks and then transported it to Human Concerns.

Thank you to the volunteers at Human Concerns who will spend countless hours sorting the food before it is put out on the shelves and a shout out to the employees of NRG Energy who spent time helping the volunteers. And lastly, kudos to the entire community for participating in the food drive because you have made sure that your neighbors will not go hungry this summer.

The Human Concerns Center has run an emergency food pantry for the past 28 years.

We serve all people in the Oswego City School District who need food. Clients may come to our facility Monday through Friday from noon to 3 p.m. They are given a three-day supply of food for each family member.

Every thirty days an individual/family may come in for food. Not only does Human Concerns provide food, but we also advise people about programs that might help them further. We provide information on SNAP (food stamps), WIC, free and reduced lunch (at area schools), Social Services and any other program that we feel might benefit them.

Since its inception in 1985, Human Concerns has grown. In 2012, we served 2851 families and 71,604 meals.

Our numbers are constantly increasing. We are able to serve all who ask for help because of the thoughtful contributions of our neighbors in Oswego.

Although thank you does not seem to be enough, it is all there is to say.

Deborah Deeb, Director of Human Concerns