The IRS Is Hunting For 21 Local Folks — To Give Them A Refund

Hey, Daisy Ruiz of Fulton — the government’s looking for you. Edward Demm of Oswego, they’re looking for you, too, along with Linda Bristol of Pulaski, Keith and Carol Britton of Williamstown and Gaehnewrawenedya Printup of Pennellville.

It’s nothing bad; in fact, it’s good news.

The IRS says these folks are among 21 people in Oswego County who are owed a tax refund but who have not gotten it because of mailing address errors on their tax forms.

Dianne Besunder of the IRS tells us the average refund waiting for these folks is $409 and together, the 21 tax filers are owed $8.589.

If you’re on this list, check the IRS news release below for what to do.

The full list of people owed a refund in Oswego County, according to the IRS:

Cash, Deborah A. of Central Square
Bevacqua, Gary M. of Fulton
Cieszeski, Charles T. of Fulton
Clark, Jolene M. of Fulton
Fleming, Leonard W. of Fulton
Graves, Matthew D. of Fulton
Ruiz, Daisy M. of Fulton
Smith, John W. of Fulton
Wilsey, James J. of Fulton
Woolson, Mara L. of Fulton
Cronon, Nicole G. of Oswego
Demm, Edward of Oswego
Scranton, Emily I. of Oswego
Smith, Michaela C. of Oswego
Sullivan, Colleen of Oswego
Printup, Gaehnewrawenedya of Pennellville
Bristol, Linda J. of Pulaski
Hart, Tobey Z. of Pulaski
Haynes, Ronald of Pulaski
Elliott, Jeremiah M. of Sandy Creek
Britton, Keith & Carol of Williamstown


IRS Seeks to Return $14.5 Million in Undeliverable Refunds to New Yorkers

IRS Reminds Taxpayers to Use E-file and Direct Deposit

New York — The Internal Revenue Service is looking for 9,176 New Yorkers who are due to receive a combined $14.5 million in the form of refund checks that were returned to the IRS by the U.S. Postal Service due to mailing address errors.

“We want New Yorkers to get this money as soon as possible. If you think you are missing a tax refund, take a few minutes to go on or call the toll free IRS refund Hotline,” said Dianne Besunder, IRS spokeswoman for New York. The web site is open 24/7 to help you get your check.

All a taxpayer has to do is update his or her address once. The IRS will then send out all checks due. Undeliverable refund checks for New York taxpayers average $1,581 this year, compared to $1,061 last year. Some taxpayers are due more than one check.

Several changes in tax law likely played a role in boosting refunds, including the First-Time Homebuyer’s Credit and the Recovery Rebate Credit, among others.

The vast majority of checks mailed out by the IRS each year reach their rightful owner. Only a very small percent are returned by the U.S. Postal Service as undeliverable.

Taxpayers can update their addresses with the “Where’s My Refund?” tool on The tool enables taxpayers to check the status of their refunds. A taxpayer must submit his or her social security number, filing status and amount of refund shown on their 2008 return. The tool will provide the status of their refund and in some cases provide instructions on how to resolve delivery problems.

Taxpayers checking on a refund over the phone will be given instructions on how to update their addresses. Taxpayers can access a telephone version of “Where’s My Refund?” by calling 1-800-829-1954.

The IRS encourages taxpayers to choose direct deposit when they file their returns because it puts an end to lost, stolen or undeliverable checks. Taxpayers can receive refunds directly into personal checking or savings accounts. Direct deposit is available for filers of both paper and electronic returns.

The IRS also encourages taxpayers to file their tax returns electronically because e-file eliminates the risk of lost paper returns. E-file also reduces errors on tax returns and speeds up refunds.

E-file coupled with direct deposit is your best option; it’s easy, fast and secure.