The ‘Magic’ Number

To The Editor:
The Magic number is 104!

No that is not the State Route 104.
The 104 that I’m speaking about is the 104 taxpayers tax money that will be leaving the County of Oswego and going to another county.
At the May full legislative meeting the Majority Caucus passed a resolution asking the State to amend State law 3 regarding the Residency Requirement for Hiring Road Patrol, Corrections Officers, and S.R.O.
This if passed at the State level will open up the Test for all other Counties residents to apply and receive a job in Oswego County.
For every Road Patrol Deputy, Corrections Officer, and S.R.O. hired from another county (that doesn’t relocate to Oswego County) taxes of 104 Oswego County resident will go to another county. Reducing our tax base by that number. The more we reduce our tax base the higher our taxes will have to be increased to offset the losses.
The job of your County Legislators should be to increase your tax base in an effort to reduce your taxes not reduce it and increasing your taxes because of it.
The numbers don’t indicate a need to search outside the county to fill the requested vacancies. The most up-to-date records are this:
2019(test) 47 approved to take test 34 passed-31 still active to fill required vacancies (All Oswego County residents)—for Corrections’ officer’s -only requesting 6 at this time.
2017(test) 95 approved (All Oswego County residents) to take test 86 passed 8 still active (road patrol) – only requesting 1 at this time. Test will be given in September 2019. Numbers should be about the same.
One other key factor here is the fact that our county is one of the poorest around and we pay much less than other counties. A research of Onondaga counties pay scale revealed that Road Patrol Deputies receive $4,000 more starting pay than Oswego County Road Patrol Deputies, and the Corrections Officers in Onondaga receive $2,000 more than our do. What that means to us is, if we hire people from Onondaga county for these positions, we will be getting the people that Onondaga doesn’t want.
I agree we should pay our people more but that could mean a raise in taxes to do so.
The residency requirement should not be removed to protect our tax base.
I believe we have good qualified people here in Oswego County.
In an effort to protect your tax base the Minority Caucus presented an amendment to the resolution that would require any individual that accepted a position must if not already a resident become a resident in 3 to 6 months.
Call both of your state representatives, Assemblyman Barclay and Senator Ritchie and implore them to pull the resolution or amend it as requested by your Minority Caucus.

Legislator Frank Castiglia Jr. 25th District