The Oswego Children’s Theater’s “Babes in Toyland” Opens Friday at St Mary’s

The Oswego Children’s Theaters final production of the year will bring back memories of childhood, as they Present “Babes in Toyland”, with music Victor Herbert and script and book by Glenn MacDonough. “Babes in Toyland” Is perhaps best remembered as the basis for the classic Laurel and Hardy film “March of the Wooden Soldiers” which was a holiday staple for many years.

“Babes in Toyland” was first produced in 1903 at the Grand Opera House in Chicago. Most Broadway musicals at this time were long on music and short on plot and “Babes” was no exception. The music however is beautiful and recognizable, with such favorites as “Toy Land”, “I Can’t Do the Sum”, “Never mind Bo Peep” and “The March of the Wooden Soldiers” appearing in the score. The script for the Production was adapted for the modern stage by Lyndsie Jones and Wayne and Kelly Mosher.

The story features a cast of nursery rhyme characters including Mother Goose, Tom Tom the Piper’s son, Sally Waters, and the nefarious Crooked Man, Silas Barnaby, along with many others, and is suitable for the entire family.

The production is directed by Lyndsie Lee Jones The Technical Director is Bob Larkin. The Costume Coordinator is Kelly Mosher assisted by Carla Larkin, Connie Smith and Lynn Field. Wayne Mosher is Music director and with accompanists Dianne Morrisette and Dan Williams.

The show is slated to be performed on December 4, 5, 11, &12 at 7:30 at St. Mary Parish Hall Located at the corner of West Sixth and Cayuga Street in Oswego.