The Oswego Players Celebrate 75 Great Years

OSWEGO, NY – The Oswego Players spent last summer and fall fundraising for its 75th season of continuous operation as a local community theatre (1938-2013), in order to present local audiences with a great selection of on-stage entertainment.

On August 23, we are officially celebrating with a dinner at the American Foundry, and we would like you, our faithful supporters over the years, to join us.

The crowning event will be the presentation of a two-act play written and narrated by Oswego’s own Dr. Michael Nupuf.

The play is based on the book, “OR,” written by Steve Abbott and Dr. John Fountain.

At this time both gentlemen are planning to attend the dinner and autograph copies of their book.

Tickets for the dinner and show are $35/pp; show only $15.

Seating is limited so get your reservation in early.

The Oswego Players are ever grateful to our local audiences and benefactors over the years.

Your continuing support has kept our “little gem” of a theatre going through good times and bad.

Without the support of our patrons, we cease to exist.

We thank all of you for making our group “the oldest continuously operating, all volunteer,” community theatre in the U.S.

What a great accomplishment for a small city!

Please join us in this, our 75th year, with hopefully many more to come.