The Pulaski Fund Thanks You for Your Support

To The Editor:
Since 1992, the Greater Pulaski Community Endowment Fund, through the generous support of the people of Pulaski, has provided grants to support local nonprofits.

Through the union of individual donations, the support of the John Ben Snow Memorial Trust and the expert management of the Central New York Community Foundation, more than $315,000 in grants has been awarded to benefit our region.

Each fall, the Pulaski Fund holds a campaign to generate donations; this money is doubled by the John Ben Snow Memorial Trust and then awarded to nonprofits through an application and review process. This union of monies allows the fund to make an even greater impact on the community while also providing structure and accountability.

During our 2017 fall appeal, the Pulaski Fund raised $18,185 in community contributions.

This ranks as the second highest amount raised during similar campaigns each year since 2000.

The tremendous response from the community allowed the fund to collect all of the $15,000 available in matching dollars from the John Ben Snow Memorial Trust, and an additional $3,185, bringing the total dollars raised during the campaign to $33,185 and the annual total to $34,861.

Continued growth of the fund increases our grantmaking capacity and strengthens our ability to serve the community as a permanent charitable resource. Our grants vary widely in size but have proven to be the lifeblood of our local nonprofits as they work to service the many needs of our community.

The impact of these grants is powerful, allowing nonprofits to thrive and add to the overall vibrancy of Pulaski.

Grants have supported an array of projects from sports and arts programs to life-saving equipment for our emergency providers.

The Greater Pulaski Community Fund is grateful to all those that support the fund and the community.

Your combined generosity extends a helping hand to organizations that work to make our community a better place and help real people feel the support of a community that cares.

We look forward to many more years of supporting nonprofits and their service to Pulaski.

To learn more about the fund and to contribute, please visit

Nancy Farrell,
Chair, Pulaski Community Endowment Fund Advisory Committee