The Reason I’m Voting

To The Editor:

I will vote.
Whatever it takes, I will get to the polls and vote.

I don’t like the way Washington treats me.

I’m not a tax to be reduced.
I’m not an expense to be cut.
I am not property to be downsized.

I respect the needs and values of others,
and I expect my needs and values to be respected.

I believe in the Constitution,
of a Government built on negotiation and compromise,
not a few rich leaders imposing “my rule or nothing”.

I know what is best for me.
I know what’s best for my family.
I demand control of my own life.
I will be respected.

That is why I will vote.
And I will vote Democrat.

Even though neither party is perfect, human decency, human respect, the need to break the gridlock in Washington wins my vote for the Democrats.

That is why I will vote Democrat, Row “A” All The Way.

Thank you.

Dennis Merlino


  1. Thats why we need M,R, TRUMP as our PRESIDENT, no more free money to people who do not belong here in our country, democrats forgot what our constitution says and means, just look at what Oboma has done to our constitution, he should be in speach for treason

  2. “human decency, human respect, the need to break the gridlock in Washington”…Reasons you should vote Republican.

  3. It is not wise to degrade those from other countries. We must remember that all Americans came from somewhere. This is the melting pot where people from a variety of places initially came to better their lives. The Safe Haven museum is testimony.
    Here is another thought:
    I’m not sure why individuals are encouraged to vote. Individual votes make up the popular vote. But the popular vote can be disregarded in favor of the electoral college. I believe in community participation, I love this country, I respect our leaders, I pay taxes and treat my fellow man with respect. But…I’m starting to think I’m better off volunteering my efforts to a needy cause on election day. Why bother going to cast a popular vote if it can be disregarded by the electorall college.

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