The Salvation Army Is The Official Site For Food $en$e Packages

OSWEGO, NY – Would you pay $15.50 to get a package of 12 quality meat and grocery items, really valued at $25 or more? The Food Bank of Central New York makes that possible with its service called Food $en$e. And The Salvation Army in Oswego is the new official site for the city of Oswego.

Food $en$e is a monthly food distribution program for individuals and families that want help stretching their monthly food budget.

Here’s how it works. Once each month, people of Oswego who want to participate simply sign up at the Salvation Army Worship and Service Center, 73 W. Second St., pre-paying $15.50 in cash or food stamps for the food package. Later in the month, the customers return to the Service Center to pick up their food order.

Anyone wishing to extend their household’s food budget is eligible. There are not any restrictions on the number of Food $en$e packages you can buy and there are no income limitations. You can get one or two, or five or 10 packages or some amount in between. Most families choose to order two to three packages each month.

Food $en$e meat and grocery packages offer a value not only because of their price, but because the products support the local economy and its vendors.

What’s in the Food $en$e packages?

Meat items (four to five), such as quality boneless/skinless chicken breasts, beef patties, Italian sausage, and fish fillets. A variety of staple items (four to five) are also included – including grain items, such as boxes of spaghetti, long-grain rice, or egg noodles, and staples like eggs and cans of soup. Fresh fruits or vegetables (two) are included, such as cauliflower, baby cut carrots, grape tomatoes or salad mix, in one Food $en$e package.

In addition to the package, there are also “Specials” (four to six) offered each month. Recently, Hot Pockets, stuffed pork chops and lemon herbed chicken breasts were offered as “Specials” – but the kind of items vary widely month-to-month.

The Food $en$e package should save you at least $10-15  (it’s a $25-30 value) over what it would cost you to buy the same items yourself at a nearby grocery store or discount food outlet. And those living in small towns or rural areas may see even more savings when compared to city residents, due to the lack of big discount stores in some of these areas.

“We are excited to be the official site for this program. It will offer many individuals and families a way to make their food dollars stretch,” said Major Kathryn Purvis.

Anyone wishing to make an order can come to the office at 73 W. Second St., Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Call 343-6491.