The Snow is Back! Keep Your Sidewalks Clear

OSWEGO, NY – Was there a snow shovel on your Christmas list?

This just might be a winter to enter our record books.

There is snow, snow everywhere but limited space to walk.

First and foremost, thank you to each and every property for keeping our sidewalks navigable.

You are noticed!

Again, thank you.

I have received an unusual number of phone calls asking for information regarding the new snow removal policy passed by the council in October of 2010 as well as reports of blocked sidewalks, especially those near bus stops.

In October of 2010, the Common Council passed a change to 249-9, Cleaning of public sidewalks that is in effect now.

Basically, “sidewalks and crosswalks to be cleared of snow, slush or ice on or before 7 p.m. of every day that any snow, slush or ice may be upon the same” and “public sidewalks a path of at least 30 inches in width…”

Enforcement is for the most part on a complaint basis.

Code Enforcement, upon a confirmed complaint, will issue a letter of violation that includes the time frame and steps needed for compliance.

If no action is taken the city can take steps to have the condition rectify the violation.

The cost of the remedial work will be placed on the tax rolls plus an administrative surcharge of at least $100.

Residents in Oswego have been proud to say that they are from Oswego, the land of snow.

We have been the cream of the crop when it comes to snow removal and have earned our bragging rights.

We live here because we can.

Thanks to the DPW and all those who so effectively battle the snow and keep us doing what we do.

Hopefully times have not changed.

We still have children that need to get a bus and need to walk to the bus stop or perhaps school.

There are still many people who choose to live in the city for convenience and have no vehicle.

Each day many people attend a church service.

We all receive mail and have you noticed your mail person climbing snow banks?

For a considerable number of people, a walk around the block may be an only form of exercise.

Those who have pets need to walk for obvious reasons.

The list is endless.

Oswego is a proud community and should be.

When visitors drive through, and we all have visitors, they question our pride when there is a visual impact such as so many unshoveled sidewalks.

This has a larger affect than we might think.

So, I ask all of us to shovel a step further.

Be a community builder; make this community safer.

Consider clearing a neighbor’s sidewalk, open up a cross walk, clear your own sidewalk.

Keep us at the top of the list of communities that have earned their snow removal bragging rights.

And, it’s the law.

Be safe and well.

Connie Cosemento,
1st Ward Alderman
95 W. Cayuga St.