The TUSA Mod Lite Regional Tour Set To Race At Brewerton, Fulton Speedways

BREWERTON, NY – The Pro Race Cars Mod Lites will be stepping up their game this Friday and Saturday when the TUSA Mod Lite Regional Tour comes to the Brewerton and Fulton speedways.

With the TUSA Regional Tour at both tracks, this is how the weekend will break down.

At both speedways track competitors will be awarded 60 show-up points only. Jim Bogett the class sponsor and owner of Pro Race Cars plus TUSA officials will handle all handicapping. The feature will be $500 to-win and $200 for second. There will still be separate class winners, however the first Stock/Spec will receive a $100 Gift Card to Pro Race Cars instead of a $50 bonus.

Any questions you have, contact Cory Reed at [email protected] (315) 668-6906.

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