There Are Plenty of Opportunities for Volunteers to Get Involved

OSWEGO – Task force chairman Roy Reehil of Constantia, said there are several opportunities for volunteers to join a task force team and share their time and expertise toward improving the quality of life in their community.

Those interested should email Reehil at [email protected] or call him at 315-675-9704.

• Economic Development Team, chaired by Reehil.  Its mission is to create a “living” economic development plan for Oswego County in cooperation with businesses and cities, towns and villages. Among their goals are to attract new businesses, retain existing businesses and diversify the economy, and develop a more skilled workforce.

• Public and Private Social Services Collaboration Team, chaired by Diane Cooper-Currier, executive director of Oswego County Opportunities. Its mission is to develop a countywide “One Stop and No Wrong Door” connection to human service support, linking people to services across the community. Among their many goals are to refine the “One Stop and No Wrong Door” collaborative method of delivering services and to expand individual and family support networks.

• Youth and Schools Team, chaired by John Shelmidine, board president of the Center for Instruction, Technology and Innovation in Mexico.The team’s mission is to develop a unified approach to students and families who are most at risk for not graduating, to mentor and support collaborative interventions proven to increase their education success. Among their goals are to implement full-day Pre-K in all school districts and to create a 15-year plan to breaking generational poverty through confidence building and goal setting for students.

• Community Development Team, led by Legislator Dan LeClair, District 8, Pennellville. Its mission is to develop a system of public outreach to facilitate the “One Stop and No Wrong Door” partnership between government, schools and faith organizations to strengthen human services delivery. Among their many goals are to create a “Life Skills” curriculum to deliver at churches, town halls and other venues, and to develop a Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)-type program to build or repair public projects, trails and parks.

• Policy Team, led by Jeffrey Grimshaw, strategic planning consultant. Its mission is to identify, categorize and prioritize bad policies, and to advocate changing state and federal policies that are creating negative outcomes, improve rural transportation services, and find ways to remove disincentives to work for those collecting unemployment.

• Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Homelessness Team is being developed. Its mission will be to develop a plan to address policies and deficiencies regarding mental health issues, affordable housing, housing for the homeless, and drug rehabilitation.

The complete report is posted on the Oswego County government website at Community Health and Poverty Reduction Task Force releases “Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Action Plan.”